What Made This Doctor-Duo Enter Food Biz
What Made This Doctor-Duo Enter Food Biz

“Every failure teaches you something about how to succeed”- but same is difficult to realize when you are going through tough phase. After losing a year during his Bachelor studies, Sai Aslesh could not bring himself to believe that it is okay to bloom late.”I was challenged by myself, unsparingly self-punished despite of the fact that it happened for the best. Like they say, “The best success stories often begin with failure”.


…and that was precisely when the group started exploring on their special interest and the idea for a new business venture – “Stoned Monkey” that serves exquisite stone beaten sundaes. “The first hurdle when we thought about venturing into a new business was the monetary challenge. We had the risk of taking a loan and start everything from scratch,” remembers Lakshmi Raj, who has gained lots of popularity when it comes to ice-cream and smoothies in Bengaluru.


Stoned Monkey is a dream come true for Sai and Lakshmi who were then pursuing medicine. “Being passionate about food, we decided to bring in the concept of stoned ice creams which is quiet new in this nation,” says Lakshmi adding, “We focus on serving exquisite stone beaten sundaes with the highest quality ice cream blends, hand crafted waffle bowls, contemporary flavours and constant commitment to augment customer satisfaction at every stage. The brand soon became a popular growing brand because of their innovative concepts, flavours and a research team that keeps working to create magic.


“Along with bringing in new ice cream concepts, our goal is to offer a plush ambience for our customers where they can unwind over a bowl of ice cream,” he adds. So, they have themed Stoned Monkey outlets accordingly, right from choosing the best sofas and chairs to the perfect texture and shade for the wallpaper, a lot of efforts and thoughts have been put into the interiors. “Additionally, we have ambient lighting to suit any time of the day along with soothing music so that our customers feel comfortable and relaxed,” he adds


In August 2017, the group organized “Brain Freeze” in Bengaluru - first ever icecream eating challenge in India with more than 2600 participants. “winning the Entrepreneur of the year award under the Student Entrepreneur of the Year category held in Delhi in April 2017 was one of those moment we will cherish forever,” shares the proud entrepreneurs who think that service is a skill that can be learnt and practiced.


Through their passion about spreading love, they aim at becoming a national brand by 2018 December, with brand presence in all the state capitals. With innovative ideas and great interests in different aspects from their founders in the business, the brand aim at getting Stoned Monkey in wide range of sectors like agriculture, farming, dairy, entertainment, real estate, telecom etc.

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