What made this startup to launch world's first relaxation drink
What made this startup to launch world's first relaxation drink

After helping to lead of the most prestigious global soft drink companies like Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Ahmed Elafifi felt that he has reached the zenith of beverage industry. Though, he was respected and materially fulfilled, yet, he did not feel fully satisfied because he was simply living to work. “It was at this time that I had a much needed epiphany—desperately needed to start the next chapter of my life,” added Elafifi who started the first relaxation drink globally.

Elafifi decided to take some time out and visit the Austrian Alps to rest, reflect and consider his future. It was here, amongst the tranquility and serenity of these beautiful mountains that made him realize positivity and being in control of your own destiny is incredibly precious. From that point in time he decided to create a proposition that embodied the calm and peacefulness that this wonderful landscape exudes. “I decided to use my beverage industry expertise to establish Tranquini, a company with a philosophy that actively promotes positivity, stress-free living and a tranquil lifestyle,” added Elafifi who has brought the brand to India after successfully launching it in over 20 countries.

What made you come to India?

The market for relaxation drinks is just being created and Tranquini is the first company to establish this area. We believe this sector has tremendous potential. Tranquini was launched only in April 2015, and is already available in 29 countries across three continents and we plan to be present in 50 countries by the end of 2016. Within our global strategy, India is one of the important markets. The rapid pace at which India is developing, relaxation drink like TranQuini has a wide space and scope.

What was the reason behind launching the relaxation drink?

Tranquini has been created to offer a unique lifestyle proposition that fits with the needs of today’s consumers. The last two decades of the twentieth century were characterized by high-pace and high-stress tendencies and in recent years the need for stress relief has been recognised globally. There has been a noticeable lifestyle shift, which means that consumers are seeking products that support a balanced, active yet relaxed lifestyle. Tranquini, relaxation drink, proposition with reducing stress and anxiety relief without causing any drowsiness delivers on consumers’ desire.

How do you see the market for it? How has been the response so far?

I personally feel there is a massive scope for the relaxation drink presently. The responses from customers and consumers so far has been thrilling, beyond expectations and that is another reason why we have been successful in reaching out to 29 countries in a span of one year. Historically countries like India were practicing various relaxation and mindfulness techniques, as well as various herbal-based products.

What is your market presence? (Distribution network, retail presence)

We have started our expansion in India from the western region covering markets like Mumbai, Pune and Goa and by the second half of the year our products will be available across the country. At present, two variants of Tranquini will be available through modern retail chains, supermarkets, stand-alone self-service stores, cafes, restaurants, multiplexes, airports, clubs and high-end traditional trade.

It was in news that you have set up a manufacturing unit in India. Was it because of the soaring import taxes or sourcing the materials locally?

Tranquini has launched in India starting local production to satisfy the local demand in India and the rest of South Asia. This is its first manufacturing base outside of Austria, where Tranquini is headquartered. We believe in high potential of India and South Asia region.

Who are you targeting when it comes to attracting customers?

Tranquini is a premium relaxation beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone and is more affordable than other relaxation methods like consuming alcoholic beverages or going on relaxing vacations.

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