What makes Barbeque Nation different from other Restaurants
What makes Barbeque Nation different from other Restaurants

Times have changed so does the customers demand. The man and the lady in the house both are working, building their career and hardly gets time to talk to each other. And, that’s when Restaurant becomes a place to actually unwind. You want to catch up and build a relationship. Restaurants owners today have to understand this logic that customers are giving them one and half or two hours of their precious time to unwind that tiring experience they had throughout the week. Now, that’s where experience counts. Read, what Sameer Bhasin of Barbeque Nation has to say on this:

How do you see the customers in your restaurant today?

Most of the restaurants say that customer is God but actually he is our friend who is coming to us, talking to us. And, how do we make their stay memorable is very important and that actually encapsulates a lot of things- it talks about experience, food, the friendly time the customer is having with their family which has an impression and makes them come back are certain keys on which business has to work. So, it has actually become another home where the customer is having a great time. When a restaurant owner does something special for the customer he becomes their advocate and that’s how brands go up.

What are some of experiences you are creating at Barbeque Nation?

We say to our customers; it’s your friend’s home the way you want to come, eat at your pace, sit where you want to, whatever you want to and we will make it so comfortable for you. If the customer doesn’t like our food they can call the chef and say they didn’t like our food today and he will make especially for them. So, there is no inhibition for a customer. Most of the restaurants say we are offering this kind of food, the service and you have to eat the same way. But we walk with the pace of guest. You demand it and we deliver it. Getting out of the formalness is very important in the restaurant business today.

Barbeque has always been named as best places to work. How do you keep the same?

Barbeque has been awarded in the 50 best places to work category twice. We have got a very homely culture and the seniors in the organisations are like the elders in the family. Professionalism is very minimal. We groom our staffs like the way parents groom their kids. I think there is no magic to it. One of the perk that we give them is empowerment. There is no question asked to make it right for the guest. If our team feels the customer is not happy they would go any mile to make them happy. And, we encourage our business managers to come with innovation and that’s the difference.

What’s happening at Barbeque Nation?

You will get to see a lot of new things, ideas; we are very aggressive about expanding. We keep saying our staff that if your GSI and consumer satisfaction is extremely high all this will go as a bonus. Our international growth was a function of that because we did not say that we wanted to go international but it was from the GSI. The way GSI works is that we have got about 100 odd people in our own call centres who talk with 20% per cent of our guests daily who have dined with us and try and understand how the experience was and these are very open ended questions. So, that’s from the data from the consumers side that came out saying that why ain’t you open at Dubai. And, that’s when we said lets open in Dubai because for a brand the recall is very important. The reason why we entered into tier III cities is also from the GSI data. It was our customer who came back and told us and today we are in Jammu, Patna, Madurai, Meerut to name a few. 

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