What Makes North Indian Cuisine Popular?
What Makes North Indian Cuisine Popular?

A simple north Indian vegetarian meal consists of ‘moong dal’, ‘subji’ and ‘phulka’. On the other hand the non-vegetarian dishes, like chicken and lamb dishes, heavily seasoned with spices, onion, ginger and garlic are always on demand.

Stuffed ‘parathas’, ‘saag’ and ‘makkedi roti’, ‘cholebhature’, ‘kofte’, ‘rogan josh’, ‘tandoori chicken’, ‘biriyani and ‘pulao’ are very popularbecause north Indians prefer Indian breads over rice. Vegetable oils like sunflower oil and mustard oil are used to make these dishes. Ghee is normally used on special occasion while cooking.

Analysing the reason behind the preference for north Indian cuisine,Mr.DeepankarGhosal, Deputy Manager, F&B controls, Coriander leaf, says,“The reason why we, Indians, prefer Indian Cuisine or say north Indian cuisine, despite the fact that many QSRs have opened with new menu trends, is because at the end of the day we want something traditional and spicy in our food.The reason for the evolution of North Indian cuisine particularly in Delhibeing the capital city of the country, is because foreign tourists are always visiting this place.”

Tandoor, which a few years back was known to the Muslims and Punjabi community, is today the preferred cuisine among Indians and the foreigners. Keeping with the tradition, MotiMahal, the 93-year old restaurant serving Mughlai food and kebabs to its customers, introduced the tandoori trail and trend of ‘mughlai’ food among Indians.

Looking at the food-driven society of the country, many new restaurants have come up with a special trend of opening a tandoor restaurant. So the tandoor concept has created a milestone in the food business.

Manish Kumar, Restaurant Manager, Girl In The Cafe, Chandigarh, has a different opinion, “Most of the people these days like continental foods as young crowds prefer light foods over the spicy Indian cuisine.”

On the other hand, Mr. Sachin Dhoka, owner, FirangiTadka, Pune, a restaurant serving North Indian, Italian, Thai and Chinese says, “North Indian cuisine is the most preferred cuisine with 70% of the customer base; the Oriental and Italian contribute to only 20% and 10%, respectively.”

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