When two cuisines meet under one roof
When two cuisines meet under one roof

What made you enter into food business?

I was always foodie, always wanted to get into this industry. If there’s anything in which I’m interested that is food. From a very young age at home, I was in innovating food. I always had that thing in me which I wanted to come out with. Whatever experience I have gained, I want to give it all to my restaurant.

What innovations you had made?

There are many speciality restaurants in Kolkata but there’s not a restaurant where there are two speciality cuisines under one roof with true sense of that cuisine. I had made that possible with two executive chefs each one expert of both the cuisines i.e., North Indian and Oriental. There are even two different menus accordingly. If you see the menus, both the menus are very different from the food you get normally in Kolkata. I don’t have Chicken bhurta or Butter Masala; each item is different either it is North-Indian or Oriental like we have a special recipe called Kumbh Galoti which is Mushroom Galoti Kabab.

What makes your restaurant different from others in Kolkata?

You can find speciality North Indian restaurant, you can find speciality Oriental restaurant but you won’t find both at the same place. Also it is a place where we do not compromise at quality. We prepare menu according to the guest without even compromising on quality. We have achieved whatever we want to because customers blindly say that it is the best Oriental or North Indian we have ever tasted in Kolkata.

Where do you get your supply of raw materials from?

I get Chicken & Mutton from New Market as I do not want to compromise on the quality. Also I make ensure to buy the product daily unlike other places just to have fresh one.

How do you see changing market segments affect the food service industry?

It really affects a lot. You need to understand the market properly as every place is different. I understand Kolkata very much because I’m born and brought up here but if it would be some other place, I would have thought ten times before investing. As Kolkata people are price sensitive, quality sensitive and taste sensitive; it makes the task real difficult to understand a complicated market like this and satiate all the needs at the same time.

How do you see the customer response?

We have witnessed a very pleasing customer response. Our ambience is at par with five stars environment with really low price. Also, the best part of The Palms I would say is service. People say that it’s really difficult to gain a service experience like this anywhere else in Kolkata. We usually give our customers a comment card and if somebody has commented wrong then we call the customer directly and take the cause in consideration. We try to build an interaction with customer. We want to establish our restaurant in hearts of people and then will expand with different genre.

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