Where is the trend heading for quick casual segment
Where is the trend heading for quick casual segment

1441 Pizzeria has introduced one of the unique wood fired Pizzas with freshest veggies in India. Established in 2015 and named out of longitude and latitude of origin place of the first Wood Fired Pizzeria in the world, Pizzeria 1441 has two outlets and 1 laboratory in Mumbai. 

What inspired you to launch wood fired Pizzeria?

My love and passion for food kept me going which led to opening of this outlet. My father and I always wanted to create one of the best Italian wood fired pizzas in India which is made of the freshest ingredients and also reasonably priced. We offer an authentic Italian wood fired pizza at similar prices as compared the other leading pizza makers. We have two Pizzeria's and 1 laboratory in Mumbai where we only do deliveries.

The name 1441 Pizzeria is based on the longitude and latitude of Naples, the origin of the first Wood Fired Pizzeria in the world.

Which are the different types of Pizzas you offer?

We offer only 11inches size thin crust pizza in different price points namely Margarita Pizza + 1 topping at Rs 345, Classic Veg Pizza at Rs 495, Classic non-veg pizza at Rs 595 and Gourmet Pizza at Rs 696.

What are ingredients used in this quick casual pizza that makes it unique from others?

We have several unique things about 1441 Pizzeria- Pizza's are made in a wood fired oven, flour is imported and made especially for 1441 from Italy, tomatoes for our signature sauce come from Italy, have a new interactive concept for making your own pizza with unlimited toppings. We use top quality ingredients made in Italy along with the freshest veggies from local markets. We do not use any preservatives or sugar in our ingredients making it healthier as compared to competition.

How Masterchef Renato Viola’s guidance helps you boast a fine selection of Pizzas?

He was handy in creating the recipes of the sauces and pizza dough. He trained all our staff in the traditional art of pizza making.

How do you ensure the fastest delivery of the Pizza? What is the timeline?

We have recently started delivery and cannot comment on the same. But in our Pizzeria once you place your order it takes around 5-7 minutes for the Pizza to reach you at the table.

What is your target consumer group?

We target a large consumer group, from children to elders. We have 6 year olds bringing their parents for our Nutella Pizza, teenagers frequenting us for mid day meals and families coming at all times.

What are your future plans of expansion of outlets and investment?

We are consolidating our operations and creating manuals for future growth and expansion. We are looking to expand rapidly through both franchise and corporate owned pizzerias. No comment on the investment at this moment.

We are visioning to create the best quality Italian pizza, which is both healthy and very reasonable for people to have it very often.

How do your foresee the consumption of Italian food and the future of QSR in India?

Pizza is the fastest growing segment in QSR. However 1441 Pizzeria is a little different, we are a new segment called the quick casual segment, which is slowly gaining importance and market share where people enjoy the promptness of the service and the ambiance to sit and enjoy their meal for 30-45 minutes. 

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