Why are restaurants focusing on breakfast as menu
Why are restaurants focusing on breakfast as menu

They say- eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. The old saying about breakfast being the most important meal of the day has never resonated more with urban India.

Breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day. It is evident from various types of research conducted worldwide with different dietary and breakfast habits, which demonstrates that regular breakfast consumption is associated with several positive outcomes.

Accelerating factor

With a growing inclination towards healthy lifestyle and fitness, people have woken up to the fact that skipping breakfast sends the message to your body that it needs to keep conserving energy, which can slow down metabolism, causing a decrease in the amount of calories burnt throughout the day.

The breakfast habits of various urban Indian consumers have been dominated by the age-old tradition of home-cooked breakfast. The interesting development is that communities across the country have universally steered towards healthier options over the last decade.

Traditional Indian breakfast staples such as poha, upma, idli, dosa and parathas still rule the table and with the right accompaniments, these traditional breakfast regulars may be more calorific, but are packed with nutrition and fiber. Ever since breakfast cereals made an entry in India, breakfast has evolved and has turned out to be more tempting, with over Rs 1000 crore categories, with quick fix and tasty options which are creating a wave in the Indian market and the category is growing at a rate of CAGR 22.07 per cent Being strapped for time and having the need for fast and nutritious breakfast, the Indian urban household is moving away from traditional breakfast as its preparation is more time consuming.

Forging on growth

On-the-go lifestyles often dictate a need for quick meals and to cater to the growing appetite for breakfast snacks in India, manufacturers and retailers are rolling out breakfast alternatives that are not only convenient, but also healthy with even International fast food chains and other players vying for a bigger slice of the pie. In recent years, one of the ways international QSR brands are trying to get a leg up is by matching local cultural preferences and introducing special healthy offerings to be a part of breakfast. Indeed, nutritional value is a key selling point to consumers.

It is also interesting to observe how breakfast has grown in India over the years with the trend of leisurely breakfast market also booming along with the ready-to-eat breakfast market. When the schedule permits and the day stretches ahead, the trend to indulge in a lavish breakfast spread has caught on with restaurants across metro cities amping up their breakfast menu and offering global cuisine right from authentic English breakfast to an exhaustive variety of waffles and bagels to health-conscious options such as flavoured yoghurt and freshly cut seasonal fruits.

How has it pushed the sales at Lite Bite Foods?

In keeping with this trend, we at Lite Bite Foods also have a dedicated breakfast menu at our brand restaurants- The Artful Baker, Fresc Co, Zambar and our various outlets at the airport.

The growing breakfast trend is evident by the fact that our sales at Zambar jumped up by 24 per cent after the introduction of a dedicated breakfast menu featuring dishes from the coast. Our airport outlets such as Street Foods by Punjab Grill and Café Delhi Heights also generate maximum revenue during breakfast hour. People now consider breakfast as a serious meal option and the sales figures at our brand outlets validate the fact consistently.

This change in trend has encouraged us to introduce an exclusive breakfast menu at all our other brands, offering a plethora of options ranging right from coastal cuisine at Zambar to fresh Mediterranean spread at Fresc Co and an array of French inspired dishes along with authentic coffee at The Artful Baker.

I myself can’t do without a hearty breakfast and I stick to a continental feast on weekdays and my traditional paratha, dahi, white butter and achaar on weekends.

So, set that alarm clock now and add a few hours to your day as the growing trend of breakfast is here to stay!

About the Author: 

The author is CEO at Lite Bite Foods one of the fast growing F&B retail chain which operates restaurants like Artful Baker, FresCo, Zambar and Asia7 amongst others.

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