Why are Suppliers moving towards Mexican Food?
Why are Suppliers moving towards Mexican Food?

Mexican cuisine is one such cuisine which has come and continues to grow with the most innovative ideas. With a rich mixture of native and Spanish cuisines, the cuisine has been discovered as authentic recipes by the chefs including taco and guacamole recipes, fajitas and enchilada, plus margaritas and sweet Mexican desserts. Even the traditional Mexican recipes have gained a huge popularity from the people.

According to The Mexican Market for Snack Foods reports, Mexico continues to increase its production and consumption of snack foods. New product lines now stress health quality and are being promoted through strong campaigns by large manufactures. Younger consumers are open to new and innovative products and are the primary consumers of imported products from the United States. There is a wide range of the US snack food products consumed in Mexico. Most imported products are sold in urban centres. Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey account for approximately 28 million consumers that can afford and consume imported products.

Mexican food in India

After the success of pizza and burgers, many start-ups are planning to enter India to try their luck in Mexican food like tortillas, tacos, nachos and enchiladas which have became quite popular in India. Therefore, today there are many restaurants who offer authentic Mexican food like Sancho's in Delhi, Taco Fresco in Mumbai and The Oberoi's Casa Mexicana and The Taj President's El Mexicano and many more. 

Now, Una Mas, a Mexican chain of restaurants is planning to enter the Indian market. It would be adopting the quick service restaurant (QSR) model for its chain. "An average QSR is less than 2,500 sq ft in area and offers food varieties in the $6-7 range," Mr Jag Kapoor, Partner in Una Mas Restaurants Inc told Business Line.

Even Yum Brands Inc., has launched its Taco Bell eateries in India to compete with street food. “It is a very good time to get in something which is Mexican-inspired food, at street food prices. Our ambition for Taco Bell is that we want to compete with street food”, said Niren Chaudhary, managing director of Yum Restaurants India Pvt. Ltd.

Raj Kumar Bhalla, Founder-Director, Shakuntla Nutratec Pvt. Ltd speaks about upcoming product range, “We are into flat breads, gluten free products and offers Taco Shells, Tortillas/wraps, Tostadas, Masa Harina, tortilla Chips etc.”

Similarly, Aztec Products Pty. Ltd. is an Australian leader in Mexican Food Products supplier and distributor to the Restaurants and Wholesale Food Industries. John and Heather Bergbauer, Directors of Aztec's have established in Australia 300 Mexican food items. The current product range includes corn chips, taco shells, a full range of frozen flour and corn tortillas including tortilla wrap which has a great order in the market. Latest Trends

“We are focusing more and more into modern trade and the portals because now the trends are changing. Buyers are looking for easy approach and convince in grocery and lifestyle products. And cornitos are wide produced in the modern trade, retail store and general trade. As a strategy, it is definitely our focus to have consumer awareness where of the brand that we do extensive sampling in stores so that the consumer gets aware of healthy snacking what we are providing” shared Vikram Agarwal, Director at GreenDot Health Foods Ltd.

The latest trends in Mexican food, today also includes the similar traditional flavours. Like Tacos Al Pastor and Chipotle Tacos Al Pastor on the Grill, Roasted Adobo Pork, Chicken with Smoked Jalapenos, Smokey Chicken in Banana Leaves, Grilled Chipotle Pork Loin, Chicken and Cheese Chilaquiles, Vegetarian Chilaquiles with Summer Squash, Perfect Potluck Cheese Dip, Poblano Queso Fundido, Oven-baked Chilaquiles stuffed with Shrimp, Grilled Sweet Corn, Succulent Sweet Corn on the Grill, Baked Cheese with a Green Chile and Pork Stuffing and many more.

Hence, these days’ people are crazy about Mexican food. And this leads to growing demand for Mexican snacks in the market and suppliers popping towards the same.

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