Why Controlling Noise Level Is Essential At Restaurants
Why Controlling Noise Level Is Essential At Restaurants

The noise in the restaurant can easily affect the impression of a restaurant to its customer. Regarded as a serious health hazard globally, the restaurant should take care of the permissible noise level at the vicinity. Restaurateurs should make sure that their venture is noise free as customers don’t want to dine at a restaurant where headache and food is served together. Apart from the customers, the side effects of noise can be seen on the employees, who later on end up with serious hearing ailments. “Customers look for three things when they visit their preferred restaurant which including service, price, and ambience. Noise or loud music affects the dining experience in a negative way where customers generally start feeling irritated,” says Anthony Wilson, Mixologist and operational director, Sta8up bar.  

Most of the Indian restaurants are operating at 80 decibels which is an appropriate level for pleasant sound. But there are restaurants that operate at about 110 decibels where music remains no more music and d is transformed into noise.     

“We as a restaurateurs want to give our guests a pleasant experience, not a headache. People come to eat with their family and friends and spend some quality time with each other. So, it is mandatory to keep the music volume low,” explains Manika Jagdish Pahwa, Owner, Wood Box Café.

Getting curtains and tablecloths

Curtains are very useful when it comes to reducing unwanted light and softening the sounds. The quality of the curtains generally decides how much sound it is going to absorb. Thus, most of the restaurants focus on having curtains with heavier drapes which soften sounds the most. Tablecloths on the other hand also work in the same aid. They reduce the clattering sound of silverware and glassware placed on the table. Again the quality of the linen decides how much sound it is going to absorb. The quieter effect which the tablecloth provides is generally something very positive.   

Keep the machinery away from the dining area

It is very obvious to place your machineries away from the dining area where customers are having their food. You should be very smart in placing these machineries to a place which reduces sound to a maximum extent providing a calm environment at the restaurant. Installing your machines near the dining area can be irritating as well as disrupting to the diners. Adding a roof-mounted condenser in the machine can help in absorbing most of the sound coming from it.

Thus, we can surely say that the restaurant's atmosphere affects the profitability especially when it comes to restaurant’s sound. Sounds usually give birth to disruption which is not good for business. Customers define their experience by how comfortable they feel at the restaurant where sounds certainly add a negative effect. Asking the customers what they think about the sound available at the restaurant can help in getting the right amount of sound level at a particular venue.

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