Why convenience will re-shape the eating out behaviour
Why convenience will re-shape the eating out behaviour

Gone are the days when customers used to wait in queue for hours to get their favourite meal and enjoy a meal at their loved restaurant, today it is all about convenience. According to a survey, 61 per cent people prefer convenience over waiting to have a good meal or food.

And, there’s no denying that coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, the way we Indian were dining out till now. Nationwide lockdown and the pandemic has pushed restaurants to shut their shops and work only through kitchen delivering the best meals at the comfort of home.

“We do believe that customers will be more convenience driven. Covid has significantly impacted how consumers think about eating out in general. Outside of food just tasting good - attributes such as health, hygiene, and quality have really taken center stage,” shared Sehaj Singh Kukreja and Tushar Anand, Co-founders, Cheferd Foods that does 14,000 to 15,000 orders a month on an average.

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Also, if we look at data there’s no surprise because as per a new report from payment publication PYMNTS and restaurant tech provider Paytronix, “Consumers spent $769 billion ordering food last year, and 63% of that was for food eaten at home.”

“Earlier year, we saw a 50% hike in our delivery profits than normal times because people's trust in our food, our way of operating with proper safety measured has secured a big trust in their heart. This time we once again have been able to make a huge profit in with our delivery services. Everyday more than 150 orders were being placed per outlet and we did receive a good response as well,” pointed Debaditya Chaudhury - Director Chowman, Oudh 1590 and Chapter 2 by adding that dining will always remain unbeatable. So there can be no comparison between dine in and delivery. However, what I believe is that many people who, prior to this were unaccustomed to the ease of delivery have found an ease in the habit of enjoying food at the comfort of their home without undergoing the hassle of longer queue and travel. So for sure, keeping aside the dine-in, many people who were unable to perceive this access will totally be indulging into such convenience in future time.

Also, eating together with family has seen a spike in last one year, as people do not have an option to dine-out with friends and colleagues, home-dining category has emerged out as a winner in the much affected food business segment. We have seen top chefs, restaurateurs who never entered into the delivery business and have always considered delivery a QSR business, taking a full-fledged entry into the delivery business.

“Nowadays, the culture of eating at home with family together in peace will grow further. We are using the best packaging for our finest dishes so that you can taste and feel our experience at the comfort of your home with your loved ones,” said Chef Harangad Singh, Chef and Founder at Parat that has become customer’s favourite ordering joint for modern-Indian food in no time. Harangad who started the business last year in September after moving from Pra Pra Prank is doing a phenomenal number when it comes to delivery and is also expanding his another kitchen at Matheran soon.

“We do 50 orders per day and we believe in giving unique experiences to our customers with the thought of packaging and depth in flavours, added Singh who has already made a mark with his cooing styles.

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