Why First Impression Is Essential For Restaurants
Why First Impression Is Essential For Restaurants

Every restaurant wants to create a lasting first impression on its customers. Creating a good impression is the first step towards establishing a good relationship with the customers, leading to customer loyalty which is a key to success for every restaurant. It’s not that easy to create a perfect first impression on the first meet. But following proper steps and considering few facts can eventually help a restaurant achieve the goal.

Restaurateurs should think like a customer in order to create an impactful first impression. Usually, people start to judge a particular brand by their first experience. With the availability of so many brands in the market, customers are very quick in making decisions and shifting their interest towards some other brand. Thereby, implying that there is seldom any scope for errors regarding creating a first impression. “Restaurant owners need to look at their venue with a fresh eye to understand what’s lacking in terms of creating a good first image. One can take feedbacks from family or close friends who visit your restaurant,” shares Deepraj, Co-owner, Drool- The Highway Shack. Proper use of social media can help the restauranteurs gain knowledge of customer feedbacks posted there. Based on these one should take steps in eradicating the issue.

In the age of digitalization, the first impression is also the shared impression. Review sites, blogs and social media have become platforms making or breaking a brand.  Thus, owners should be very precise on how to enhance their first impression. India is witnessing an immense rise in the tech-friendly customers who feel more connected towards their favorite brands digitally. So designing and maintaining restaurant’s website is one prior thing which should be done for creating a good first image. People often search for the restaurants on the internet after hearing from someone which will redirect them to their official website.  A professional web designer should be hired to make the site informative and attractive by using appealing images and graphics.

Answering the phone and walking the guests to their tables is another important factor contributing to achieving a good first impression. It is very important to adopt the professional yet cheerful tone while answering to your customers. Similarly, hosting plays an essential role when the customer is physically present at your venture. The gesture, way of greeting and way of having a conversation adds to the factor on how customers perceive as the first impression. “Restaurants are trying to play a lot with their interiors and ambiance in the current time which is necessary. People eat more with their eyes rather than their mouth. Majority of the competitions are adopting this pleasing customer’s eye concept, trying to build loyal customers. It also works for marketing purpose too where customers talk about the particular restaurant once they are outside the venue,” says Simant Tyagi, Co-owner, Hyjack Lounge and Bar.  

It is very important to look at various aspects which can add up to a good first impression. Making the customers fall in love with the restaurant right away and making them come back to the venture time and again are things which every restaurant owner aims of.  

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