Why global brands are focusing on digitisation in India
Why global brands are focusing on digitisation in India

With PM Modi’s focus on making India cashless and digital, a wave of restaurants and brand chains can be seen falling into the loop as well. The next cutting edge for smart phones is the restaurant table. The use of new technology integrated into dining experience makes the process of getting the meals and paying for it exceptionally easier. People can be seen ordering much more than they used to. With everything being digitalised from retail shopping to grocery shopping, it is time the food business also dives in.

Today customers prefer ordering at the comfort of their homes and offices and the restaurant sales going up on the weekends clearly indicates the preferences of the customers moving towards the digital age. Almost half of all restaurant delivery orders today come from mobile or online channels. Restaurants had been slow to take to technology but some food chains are breaking new grounds now. The ever increasing consumer demands and the will to satisfy them has led many brands to get ahead in the game.

Popularising on ‘Loyalty’

Starbucks which is already known for its digital wave in the global market has announced its new mobile app with the aim to help users have a convenient experience. The platform allows users to make orders and payments and also allows customers to register for the My Starbucks Rewards program, earn Stars, track and redeem their rewards, manage their accounts and gain access to new product information and promotions. The foray of Starbucks in digital wallet space is the epitome of fact that India is moving at a fast pace towards a cashless economy. "We are proud to introduce the Starbucks® India mobile app to customers in India which will help us meet their needs while serving them seamlessly on our already highly-successful My Starbucks Rewards program that benefits our loyal customers,” shares Sumitro Ghosh, CEO- Starbucks adding that this digital innovation underscores our continued commitment to drive innovation and provide an exceptional and convenient customer experience in our stores across the country.

Driving on the same lines, McDonald’s is all set to launch its app in the Indian market. “Typically, the majority of our crew is behind the counter, and that counter literally has been a barrier between our crew and the customer,” Steve Easterbrook, chief executive of McDonald’s.

McDonald's has been experimenting with digitization, starting with online ordering. It sees mobile ordering as a way to win back the customers and increase product sales. Jim Sappington, Executive vice President of operations, digital and technology, McDonald's, said, “We can't impact the speed or the quality of our food. If its famous french fries are served cold or if mobile customers have to wait for orders, you get a question of 'Why did I use the app?” Sappington said. "Our focus is to make the overall experience clearly better."

Seeing this growth we can say that with major brands entering the digital market, the day is not far when we can see people going a smarter way accepting the new age digital wave. 

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