Why Global Countries Should look at India as Next Food Destination
Why Global Countries Should look at India as Next Food Destination

Inaugurating the World Food India 2017 at Vigyan Bhavan Prime Minister pointed India as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Indian food processing which is one the largest contributor in country’s GDP has seen various transformational initiatives taken at the national level. Here are five reasons which make India a super hot food destination to invest in:

Exploring Culinary Landscape: Known for its distinguished and varied nature Indian cuisine is culturally rich when it comes to comparing it to the rest of the world. World Food India also provides valuable insights in our rich culinary landscape and highlights our ancient vision of food processing. A simple, home-based technique, like fermentation, which has resulted in creation of world famous pickles, papads, chutneys and murabbas excites both the elite and the masses across the world.

Eyeing Health and Nutrition: Indian food has always been known for its unique ingredients and spices. The combination of traditional Indian food, with modern technology, processing and packaging, will help the world rediscover the health benefits, and refreshing taste of Indian food ingredients. PM has earlier suggested aerated drink makers to include 5 per cent juice in the drink to initiate healthy and nutrition benefits of the drinks which few makers have already abided.

Technology is the Key: Since, delivery is an important part when it comes to the right quality food being served; PM Modi has also focused on improving last mile delivery, by increasing access to digital technology. The Govt is also planning to link the villages through broadband connectivity, within a clear time frame. We are digitising land records, and providing various services to the people on mobile platforms and there is lots of focus on connecting technology to food economy.

Making Farmers ‘Hero’: Food processing holds positions to nutritional security in the country. For eg: India’s core grains and millets have high nutrition value and they can be called nutrition rich. The government is inviting venture based of this range where income of the poorest of the poor farmers will go up and nutritional value will also increase. Such products will find resonance across the world. And, this will also increase our potential to the world’s requirement and linking Indian tradition to the future of mankind and connecting Indian farmers with market around the world would make India one of the powerful food nation.

Trading on Horticulture: Indian horticulture has seen a growth of 5.5 per cent annually. For centuries India has welcomed traders from distant lands who came in search of our distinguished spices and have explored Indian spices taking them back to their home land. “Our trade synergy with the US and South East Asia through the spice route is well known. Even Christopher Columbus attracted to Indian spices,” pointed PM Modi.

Hence, we can say that with lots of investment announcements being done in the sector and government permitting 100 per cent FDI in food retail and food products manufactured in India, the country looks at unfolding food opportunities to the world.

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