Why Global QSR Majors are Including Vegan Option in their Menu
Why Global QSR Majors are Including Vegan Option in their Menu

In last one year fast food majors are trying hard to woo their health freak customers. All thanks to the good vibe that’s blowing in the sector. For ages, it was believed that people eat vegetarian or healthy foods only when their body needs it or it was always supposed to be boring. But it remains a myth. Healthy food can also be tasty and presentable. Not only casual dining and fine dining sector but Quick service restaurants like Burger King, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr to name a few have also included a vegan burgers, nuggets and other loved offerings in their menu.

QSRs Joining the Race

Burger King recently ‘Impossible Whopper’ the meat-free version of its signature Whopper that is known for its beef and mutton patty at over 59 restaurants in St Louis. The meatless burger consists of soy and potato protein, features coconut oil, sunflower oil and heme- an iron-rich protein that simulates the texture, color and taste of actual meat is manufactured by California- based Impossible Foods that makes plant-based substitutes.

“We’ve done sort of a blind taste test with our franchisees, with people in the office, with my partners on the executive team, and virtually nobody can tell the difference,” said Christopher Finazzo, President- North America, Burger King to The Guardian.

Restaurants like Carl’s Jr also sells vegan burgers in selected US locations. And, is loved by millennials for its alternative to meat burgers. The largest fast food chain in the world McDonald’s is also introducing many new changes in its menu with new vegan options at restaurants around the globe. In response to meat-less minded customers in Norway, McDonald’s is now frying up vegan "chicken" nuggets at select restaurants throughout the country.

The new chicken-free McNuggets are made with a mashed potato base, which is mixed with chickpeas, onions, carrots and corn. They’re coated in breadcrumbs, and is fried until crispy. Few years back, McDonald’s started ‘vegan burger’ in Finland that received a mouthwatering response from the customers in the region. Also, its restaurants in Chicago launched a vegan burger in December 2018. The offering is called the “McAloo Tikki," which is one of the chain's best-selling products from its restaurant menu in India.

Packaging Food is Not Behind

Nestle is not behind in meeting the customer’s demand as it has launched meat-free burgers to woo health freak crowd. The FMCG major is coming up with new offerings like no or less sugar, vegan options to match the eating habits of the young crowd. It announced plans to roll out ‘cook from raw’ plant-based burgers in Europe under the Garden Gourmet brand and in the United States under the Sweet Earth label.

“Many consumers recognize that less meat in their diet is good for them and for the planet, but plant-based meat alternatives often do not live up to their expectations,” Nestle said in a statement.

In December, Unilever said it had bought up Dutch brand De Vegetarische Slager (The Vegetarian Butcher) to position itself in the expanding sector.

Also, brands like Good Dot in India are also marketing and selling their products under vegan options. The Udaipur-based company has got an alternate to KFC’s famous zinger burger.

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