Why Home-Style Recipes are New Fad in 5-Star Restaurants
Why Home-Style Recipes are New Fad in 5-Star Restaurants

Chef, you have travelled across globe working for the best in the industry. Tell us about your journey in the world of food?

My journey in the food industry has been pleasurable, I have been on a globe trot for assignments to various parts of the world that helped me get multi-cultural experience of more than 10 countries altogether. Through this profession, I got the opportunity to cook for celebrities like Mariah Carey, Joe Coker, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, Hugh Grant, Mike Tyson etc.

What will be your key responsibility looking at the culinary operations at Hyatt as you have a global experience in the culinary arts?

Being an Executive Chef my responsibilities revolve around working in the kitchen as well as outside the kitchen in developing new recipes, planning new menus, hiring or training food preparation workers, maintaining an inventory of food supplies, following a food budget, keeping a track of the kitchen accounts etc.

What uniqueness and innovation you would like to introduce when planning the menu?

The uniqueness that I try to introduce while planning the menu are; Introducing Italian techniques in India, use of organic vegetables and bringing in home-style recipe.

What according to you are the key essentials of a perfect menu?

The most essential key or a perfect menu for Hyatt Regency Delhi would be locally sourced ingredients, since we at Hyatt believe in fresh, using ingredients that make the flavor stand out. The other keys would include cooking the perishable items first, shopping strategically etc.

How are trying to encash on the new age customers’ via your restaurants?

The new age customers are aware and well-travelled. They are always looking for new taste and concepts while making sure it’s value for money. We are constantly introducing new ideas which suit Indian palate while keeping our authenticity intact. Concepts like wine & cigar dinners paired which course of menu, introduction of Pizzaiola (pizza maker) and farm to the table entices new age customers.    

Who are you trying as your target customer?

All the patrons at Hyatt Regency Delhi are our target customers. Our aim is to provide an exceptional dining experience to all our customers that make our restaurants their best-loved spots for a meal.

We have seen that these days customers’ have become much choosier when dining out. How are you matching up those standards?

Our award-winning restaurants believe in serving its patrons not only delicious food but an overall remarkable dining experience.  Robust flavours are at the heart of every dish and using fresh, locally sourced ingredients is the best way to make those flavours the star of any dish.

Chef you are known for you work globally. What do you think where is India heading in term of food trends?

India has successfully put itself on the culinary map. While new international flavours and cuisines are constantly gaining traction, Indian food remains the star of the moment. Indians are quite up-to-date with the latest food trends, be it plant-based dishes, superfood powders, wheat & dairy alternatives or going back to your flavour roots.

How difficult/easy is it for you to cater to Indian taste buds?

It is not very difficult to cater to Indian taste buds. Indians are accustomed to dynamic flavours and are open to trying new cuisines and dishes.

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