Why Hygiene is Important in Maintaining High Standards For Restaurants
Why Hygiene is Important in Maintaining High Standards For Restaurants

There are various things which can define the fate of a restaurant and among that is the hygiene a restaurant carries. Restaurant hygiene is not just for ensuring health and safety of the staffs and customers but also plays a major role in defining the perception of a restaurant.

Customers are now very specific in terms of the outlets they choose for dining out. From great food to ambiance, they want a place which is clean and serves hygienic food. We can say that hygiene is the second most important factor which is required to run a restaurant after maintaining the quality of food. Therefore, hygiene is one key which can help your restaurant sustain in the food industry.

“Hygiene is one of the important things that a restaurateur needs to keep in mind while running a venture. To maintain the hygiene at your restaurant, one needs to keep the kitchen and the surroundings clean which will result in a healthy environment attracting a lot of customers,” says Sagar Sharma, owner, Nutritious Nation.

5 practices to maintain the hygiene standards at restaurants

1) Regular inspection of areas like kitchen and dining

There should be regular inspection of areas like kitchen and dining by the managers so that the health aspect of a restaurant is up to the mark. It is essential in meeting health and hygiene requirements which have been stated by the Food Safety and Standards of India (FSSAI).

2) Staffs maintaining personal hygiene

The saying is true that cleanliness begins at home.  This is also applicable for maintaining the hygiene at a restaurant. The staff needs to be properly trained for maintaining personal hygiene at restaurants. They should adapt with clean clothes, hairnets and other hygienic tools which are necessary for maintaining a healthy environment. 

3) Sanitizer for kitchen equipment

Employees should be educated properly on the use of equipment which is available in the restaurant. Along with the usage,  maintenance of equipment can eventually help in increasing the hygiene factor of a restaurant. They should be familiar with the use of equipment along with cleaning and maintaining them.

4) Developing restaurant hygiene checklist

The manager of a restaurant should create a checklist of the specific cleaning duties and tasks which are performed in the restaurant on a daily basis. Keeping the checklist updated will make sure that the proper duties are being done, increasing the hygienic factor of the restaurant. The manager can assign the tasks according to shift so that a person doesn’t get tired and the maintenance is properly taken care of.

5) Proper ventilation

Ventilation is something which is really very important for both the customers as well as for staffs. It plays an integral role in maintaining the hygiene factor of a restaurant. Proper ventilation is essential for the preparation and storage of food also boosting the morale of customers and staffs present in the restaurant. Who would like to visit a restaurant whose atmosphere is filled with smoke, heat, and moisture?

“One big reason for maintaining the hygiene in a restaurant is that restaurants with bad hygiene are likely to fail in the upcoming time ultimately causing them to shut down. With the trend of eating and being healthy, customers are now way smarter than ever.  They want everything healthy in their surroundings with mouth-watering food,” shares Vedant Goyal who is the owner of Threads café.

Therefore, keeping the hygiene factor in mind can help you in maintaining the high standard of your restaurant.  

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