Why is it challenging to turn your biz into brand
Why is it challenging to turn your biz into brand

It is very easy to open a restaurant but to maintain a consistent growth is very difficult in today’s ever demanding food culture. A restaurant may have great food but if it lacks service and there is no consistency in the product it is a big failure in the market. It has to be consistent with a top quality service and a guest centric approach in listening to the feedbacks and acknowledging it. Restaurant owners and chefs these days are working hard to build a brand that runs on all these formulas. Below are the few points that can give your restaurant a good return:

Great Food: People are coming to your restaurant for the food. So, if you’re not making any difference with the food being served there is no point running a restaurant. Restaurant these days are playing around flavours, going back to roots, bringing calorie count in the menu, innovating the classic recipes with modern techniques just to lure in customers inside the door. “Our menus at Pavitra are crafted specially for vegetarian food lovers. It will delight you with the culturally diverse palette of India and ethnic flavourings from across the globe,” shares Ashay Desai, General Manager- Kapco Banquets & Catering, adding that the food is made under strict conditions ensuring the purity of the food in a pure vegetarian kitchen, run by our team of Maharaaj’s and vegetarian chefs. We cater at the venue of your choice, whether an intimate gathering at home or a huge wedding across India or abroad.

Awesome Service: It is believed that restaurants are known for service. With advent of social media and Instagram a good service gets appraised at public networks whereas a bad service leaves a bad taste in the mouth even though the food was amazing but it couldn’t reach the table in the stipulated time frame. “Every location has its strength and weaknesses whether its CP or IIT. We looked upon this opportunity as there is no place to stop en-route to Gurgaon starting from the periphery of Delhi, also there is a large cantonment catchment and Delhi University south campus which we served from the perspective of national and international food offering,” says Jaideep Bhandari, Promoter, Palate of Delhi.

Consistency: Consistency is the key to any business. People who are regulars at your outlet know that you are consistent with your food. Brands are built on these line. A restaurant opened by you at a location in Delhi should be serving same food as its another outlet at Noida. Else, KFC wouldn’t have become a global brand if it wouldn’t have focused on these little aspects of building a brand.“We are very serious about marketing, building brand and hence we involve all kind of marketing and advertising platform. The most important thing we have realised in this business is how to fix quality as there is no better marketing than what the food could do,” shares Sushanta Sengupta, Chef and Partner at 6 Ballygunge Place.

Active to your customers: People these days want to know about their food. What are they eating? From where did the raw material sourced? How it has been cooked? What is the calorie count? Hence, as a restaurant owner and chef you need to be responsive and attend them as far as pleasing them is concerned. “We keep in mind customers’ feedbacks on the menu selection and ever evolving food evolution,” says Gaurav Kapur Executive Asst. Manager At Hotel the Royal Plaza.

Motivated and Engaged Employee Culture: Employees are the backbone of any business. To keep your business in place and profitable, you need to keep your systems in place, employees happy to get better returns. Places like Lemon Tree Hotels, KFC, Pizza Hut amongst others are working on employee benefits and engagements to get better returns and that helps in building a global brand.

So, if you have the above mentioned key aspects in place you are definitely going to make it big in restaurant and food business. 

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