Why it's Important to be named as a Brand, not just a Food Chain
Why it's Important to be named as a Brand, not just a Food Chain

Kunal Babuta is a man of his own choices be it good or bad. He is known to push himself at every moment of life. Kunal does not like to be in a shell, he likes to take challenges and get out of the comfort zone as according to himone stops growing in comfort zone. Here are the excerpts from the interview… 

Tell us about your journey with food industry?

My stint started about 2 to 3 years ago, but my journey into food started much earlier in life. I am hailing from a family of foodies and influenced by my father and grandfather’s style of cooking and eating got me interested into Indian cuisine/food almost decades back.

What inspired you to start a concept like this?

Food was practically the centre of all dining table conversations at my home and during all family gatherings. It was my way of doing things big way. I am a foodie by heart but then I want to enjoy my meal at my comfort level  in a way of class which lead me here with Big Boyz Lounge.

What is the unique element which makes Big Boyz Lounge stand out?

We at BBL believe in giving customers a holistic dining experience. While food and service are absolutely essential to ensure that the guest enjoy their meal, it is equally important that they also experience finest hospitality along with great ambience and decor to have a good culinary experience.

What’s the story behind the name?      

A lot of thought process has gone behind the name. We wanted something that not only justifies our belief but gives a glimpse of our aim of this lounge as well. To explain big as it explains the biggest in sec 29 and my biggest till date, lounge as it suffices a place to lounge move leisurely and rest and the reason we choose boyz was because it’s a place wherein you can relax the way a boy would like to grab a beer and rest.

What are some of experiences that you’re creating at Big Boyz Lounge?

Restaurant branding makes you into a name to reckon with! When people recognize you as a brand and not just another food chain, they know they have come to the right place to meet their gastronomical expectations and make memorable experiences. We work towards creating such experiences at BBL.

How do you see the customers’response?

I have seen many of our customers revisiting our place with new group and hosting them from our behalf. They actually share their experience with us which is the best reward and I feel that’s a very positive and overwhelming response I as an owner can receive or expect from a guest.

How do you think food and beverage trend in India has changed over the past few years?

I would not say the trend has changed I rather believe that it has evolved. We still follow our heritage methods of cooking and eating and which I believe would never change too. The only thing that has changed in the last 10 years is the awareness. Awareness about the food, the quality andone’s health. Society is more aware and conscious which we need to deliver too.

What are your marketing strategies?

We believe in staying visible. Satisfaction of the client, delivering what they want and keeping them updated with what we have and building an awareness of what we want them to know are the key strategies at BBL.

What do you recommend trying the most at Big Boyz Lounge?

Customers’ must try our keema pau bhajiandgolkappa platter.

What are your expansion plans?

Big Boyz Lounge is new baby in the market. Establishing and creating its brand name is first and foremost in my mind right now.

Your advice to young foodpreneurs?

Market is changing very fast and so is this industry if you are adaptive by nature and ready to learn and change, you will stay.

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