Why naming a restaurant is more important than you think!
Why naming a restaurant is more important than you think!

Good restaurant names are rare these days. And let’s face it restaurant names are so important that it is such an unpleasant surprise to see how little time people spend when they choose one for their restaurant! Restaurant owners usually decide between two major types of names for their restaurant. One of them is choosing the names they believe are the ones that their customers will love or be impressed to see. The other type is using a name restaurant owners love or a name that is important to them. 

The name of the restaurant is the first step in branding. It is pivotal to the identity and the image. The restaurant name has the power to increase and enhance the business while driving customer traffic. With increase in restaurants, owners are finding it difficult to name their new restaurants. In order to look unique and catchy amidst the competition, restaurant owners are opting for attention grabbing names. This unique names are not only grabbing the attention but also pulling crowds into restaurants.

“In this era of unlimited choices, creating a unique and individual brand identity is very important. The name is the first thing that people hear that conveys the brand’s position, tone, and values and also ensures brand awareness, brand recall, salience and reputation. We wanted a brand name that would tell a story and also relate to our customers, as well as make them believe and trust in us,” Yeshwanth Nag Mocherla, Co-Founder of The Thickshake Factory commented. 

He further added that as a brand, the team wanted to communicate, what they are best at and inform the target consumers about the product offerings and reflect the brand's tone of voice. “That’s how The Thickshake Factory brand name was born,” he said.

A restaurant’s name is one of the first things people will notice when they pass by any outlet. “For us, when you think of chaat you automatically think of something quick, fun, and tangy. When a customer passes by, he doesn’t have to think oh I wonder what they serve- well it’s simple we serve Chaat and Chai! When we went ahead with brainstorming for the right name for our brand, it surprisingly came to us very quickly and very organically that it almost seemed like a no-brainer. Chaat and Chai with its QSR concept needed a name that was easy and catchy,” Vijay Lohia, Founder, Feastary Hospitality commented.

Apart from all the drilling that should go behind choosing an apporopite restaurant name, it can also be one of the biggest marketing startergies. A great name can create a buzz, can position as a true leader and innovator in the industry, and also strengthen the value proposition in a word or two. 

“The brand name would also convey a culture, a position, and create a unique identity - differentiating an entity from the rest of the market. We believe that a good brand name can also enhance memorability, create promising images, and also upsurge preference for products by the target audiences, and all of these components are essential in building brand equity in the market,” Mocherla added.

77 percent of B2B marketers reveal that branding is critical to the future growth of a business. That means rebranding won’t do any significant favors unless it is absolutely necessary. If one thinks that one can change the name seamlessly, just think about one of those big, multi-million acquisitions that happen nowadays. 

After all the research, brainstorming and etc. and have figured out how to name the restaurant, there is one last thing to focus on, the visual appearance. According to a FedEx research, 76 percent of consumers revealed that they entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs and 75 percent of them spread the word. 

“Our brains are very efficient when it comes to colors which makes them good at linking brand names with logos. Choose a specific color palette and use it for everything related to your business – from the branding to the interior, menus and etc,” The FedEx spokesperson added. According to a research from the University of Loyola, colours are able to increase a brand’s recognition by up to 80 percent. 

Naming a restaurant is eventually like naming a baby. One need to be very careful because the name of the restaurant is the unique identity with which it will forever be known. This name can impact its sales, marketability, brand value, and whatnot. 

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