Why Plant Based Food Trend is a Major Hit Globally
Why Plant Based Food Trend is a Major Hit Globally

We have reached to an era where meatless eating is no longer limited to Mondays. There is a new class of veg burger in the market which actually bleeds. That’s exactly what impossible food is banking on. Through the shift from natural to organic to now meatless food items, we are seeing a progression in the food industry market where we can easily connect to the category ‘ better for you’  who are dealing with foods rich in taste and nutrition.

Veggies on a rise

Meatless food products are forecast to grow at a steady rate by 2021 from $700 million to $850 million in sales according to Euromonitor International. These meatless products are providing the same taste of meat along being healthy and nutritious. Plants have invaded the food market drastically, not just in the form of more veg products, but also by investing and experimenting with new products like ‘Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat’. According to Mintel’s latest Global Food and Drink Trends report, “Power to the plants” is one of the keys of 2018 which is going to change the food market completely. 25 per cent increase in the vegetarian products and 27 per cent rise in vegan literally claims that this trend is storming into the food industry.

WHO recently warned the world stating that red meat consumers are possessed more of suffering to cancer. As a result of this, the plant based diet is expected to rise ultimately around the globe. Over the past decade, customers under age 40 have subsequently shifted to fresh vegetables intake by 52 per cent according to NPD group. Thus, we can say that the millennial consumers are adopting ‘fresh’ and healthy eating at an early age and are most likely to sustain it over time.

It is expected that from 2018, more meatless food products are going to appear on the menu of many restaurants. Veggie burgers and pizzas have been around for a long time and they have certainly not replaced meat in people’s diet. Ahimsa Food is the first company in India manufacturing mock meat which looks and tastes like meat but is 100 per cent veg product. Established in 2008, it started with the aim to offer people with vegetarian mock meat without changing their allegiance to vegetarianism.

Who is Reinventing?

Healthy eating is not just restricted to casual dining restaurants, QSR is also innovating its menu and introducing plant based food which is surely going to affect the business.  Companies like McDonald’s are using olive oil as their fat stimulation and globally Beyond Meat is using beet juice to bring the red meat color. QSR should come up with something so that they can adapt to the changes coming in the market as health concern will surely drive customers towards mock meat, bleeding veg burgers and veggie products. Also, worldwide increase in the veganism has been seen from 2004 to 2018 in countries like Israel, Australia, Canada, Austria and New Zealand. In fact the Canadian government has started favoring plant based foods for consuming. Even Asia is not lying behind this trend as plant based diets have certainly grown by 22 per cent involving countries like China and Hong Kong.

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