Why QR based ordering is the perfect solution for restaurants during the new normal
Why QR based ordering is the perfect solution for restaurants during the new normal

While fear of COVID-19 kept people away from restaurants for a long time, gradually people have started feeling comfortable eating out. However, it will be long before normalcy is completely restored.

A new normal in which people practise social distancing and are concerned about hygiene is here to stay. For restaurants, this presents some challenges but also many brings forth opportunities. Restaurants that can adapt to the new normal will have an edge over those that don’t. A technology that will help restaurants thrive in the new normal is QR based ordering.

Challenges restaurants face today

For quick-service restaurants (QSRs), the peak hours are between 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm. During this time, customers line up at counters to order meals and long queues are usually formed at the counter. Impatient and hungry customers prefer ordering food from eateries where lines are shorter rather than waiting in long queues.

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For QSRs, this is a big problem. While they have the kitchen capacity to meet the demands of every potential customer, they lose a considerable number of customers due to long queues. Generally, most QSRs are located in areas where there are many other options for customers. To increase their revenue and retain their customers, QSRs need to find a way to serve every potential customer.

QSRs face other challenges as well. The staffs in restaurants are trained to upsell items like meal packs with an aim to increase the bill value. Despite being instructed to do so, the staff either hesitate or can’t convince the customers to order more. This means such restaurants earn less than they could.

QR based ordering is the perfect solution to these problems. Here’s why.

QR based ordering the perfect solution

A QR based ordering system lets customers pay directly from their table. Customers are saved from the hassle of having to stand in a long queue. As a result, potential customers don’t see long queues forming before counters and feel encouraged to enter the restaurants. With a QR based table ordering system in place, customers can decidewhat to order from their table itself. They can pay for it using their phone.

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A QR based ordering system works very efficiently. When customers enter a QSR, they sit at their table and scan the QR code placed before them. After scanning the QR code, they see a menu and prices of various items. They go ahead and choose items from the menu easily.

A QR based ordering system also recommends meal combinations to increase the bill value increasing the probability of higher bill values.

Advantages of a QR based system in new normal

A QSR that uses a QR based ordering system keeps contact between customers and the staff at a minimum. Customers appreciate this more since their chances of contracting COVID-19 are low when person to person contact is limited.

Another massive advantage of using QR codes is that restaurants can process more customers. Every QSR that uses a QR based ordering system can utilize its capacity to the fullest more easily because customers no longer need to stand in queues before finding a table. Instead, customers directly sit at a table which increases the likelihood that the restaurant is filled to optimum capacity.

QR based ordering systems time has arrived

Over the past few months, people have grown accustomed to paying for products and services using apps and QR codes. Hence, they are comfortable with such technologies. When customers see a QR code on a table in a QSR, they intuitively know what they need to do. Such is the degree of familiarity people have developed with QR codes. Also, customers recognise that a QR based ordering system is secure. The comfort of using their own app and phone for payments using QR codes is another advantage.

Restaurants that opt to embrace this technology don’t need to invest in expensive tablets and screens that make self-ordering possible. Besides, as QR based ordering is entirely software-based, businesses don't incur any capital expenditure when they transition to a QR based ordering system.

The new normal will take a little getting used to but people and businesses that can make the transition to the new normal quickly will have much more to gain. They will be ahead in the curve when it comes to giving customers the kind of experiences they want. For QSRs, QR based ordering systems are at the heart of providing a safe and convenient experience that customers desire in the new normal.

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