Why specialty cuisine will change the food map in India
Why specialty cuisine will change the food map in India

Food business in India has taken several shapes in all these years. People these days look out for options and are happy to try new and varied cuisine. And, this trend is pushing the growth of specialty cuisine in the country. In today’s day and age, food has become a fashion. It drives our conversations and even our browsing habits. The internet has made the world smaller and people are travelling more so there is loads of awareness and exposure to different cultures and cuisines.

Also, with people getting more used to conversation and moment based dining there is a growing need of restaurants that are at par with global standards. A major contribution has been done in this aspect by chefs who have brought the global knowledge and trends to Indian palate. Sanjeev Kapoor, Michael Swamy, Ranveer Brar and Vicky Ratnani to name a few have made cooking and eating much more easy then it used to be. Even at home people these days love to explore with ingredients and play with flavours as they are no more habitual of eating ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’ and for them food has taken a special form. Michael Swamy who recently opened a South American restaurant in the heart of the capital city thrive to open series of Michelin style driven restaurants. “When you build a brand on perfection you have to deliver every nuance perfectly time after time. From the quality of ingredients to a well researched menu it’s all about giving class. One key learning is that one has to "Stand up for one's food and one's creations" the moment you change your recipes to suit your audience the battle is lost,” adds Swamy who has always travelled to look after best ingredients and in search of varied raw materials.

Similarly, chefs like Saransh Goila and Ranveer Brar are talking about specialised cuisine through their food travel shows where they are talking about speciality foods, lost ingredients, unexplored spices giving an all new meaning to food. “The changes in food consumption at global and regional level have been a considerable health consequence which is associated with rising rates of obesity and chronic diseases. Regional food has taken a new form in way of street foods and in speciality restaurants which requires high degree of skills and knowledge towards the regional cuisines. The revival of old recipes has to be incorporated in all restaurants in these days,” adds Saji Thomas, Food and Beverage Manager and The Jehan Numa Palace.

The definition of food has changed today. People do not want to just eat food; they want to carry an experience that lasts forever. Focused on high quality ingredients, flavours and a specialized dining, the eating out trend is dominated by experience and specialty dining with a flavour of international awareness about foreign cuisine. 

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