World Idli Day: Bengaluru Declared As The Idli Loving City Of India
World Idli Day: Bengaluru Declared As The Idli Loving City Of India

We have often heard the famous saying that breakfast like a king as it is considered as the most important meal of the day. We Indians love or hearty meal in the morning- especially our loved for the favourite food we have been eating growing up. Someone like a hot aloo paratha with extra butter on it, the other may prefer a humble vada pav tossed with green chillies. But according to a research released by online food ordering platform UberEats shared that the humble, healthy and hearty ‘Idli’ is the most ordered breakfast item on its platform in India.

A study of the Idli orders on Uber Eats revealed that Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai are the top three cities that ordered the most Idli on the Uber Eats platform. With Bengaluru consuming the most Idlis, followed by Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad rounding up the top 5 idli loving cities.

Globally, San Francisco, London and New Jersey are the top Idli ordering cities. Undoubtedly, Idli emerged as the staple Indian breakfast of India with the item being most consumed during the morning, especially between 7.30 AM and 11:30 AM. Interestingly, March 10, 2019 was the day when India ordered the maximum amount of idlis.

“We are delighted to know that Bengaluru has emerged as the Idli loving city of India. It is no surprise that idli is a top option for breakfast across the country,” shared Subhash Sharma, Co-Founder, Brahmins Thatte Idli – Bengaluru.

  • Idli for the Health Conscious: Idli is known as a dish that is consumed by the healthy and hearty across the nation. However, health conscious Indians consumed Vegetable Idlis for a healthier, fibre-rich alternative and a nutritious start to their day, thereby making it the Health Conscious Idli of India.
  • Biggest Idli lover: A consumer in Mumbai ordered a whopping 110 plates of Idlis on 23rd February 2019.
  • India’s love for “extra”: An Uber Eats’ order analysis revealed that most Indians requested extra chutney, sambhar and the spicy ‘podi’ to go with a plate of steamy hot Idlis.
  • Just like Chai and Samosa go hand in hand, Indians love to gobble down Idlis with Fresh Lime Soda. Masala Lassi and Jal Jeera weren’t left far too behind

Here’s a city-wise breakup of the most ordered/savoured Idli variations across cities:

Top Idlis ordered in each city


Thatte Idli

Delhi and Chandigarh

Veggies Idli


Rice Idli


Masala Fried Idli


Idli Pepper Fry


Finger Fried Idli


Veg. Masala Idli

Twist to the tale: Across India, many add their own twist to this traditional staple – From Chicken fry Idli to French Fry Idli, here’s a list of the most unique Idli combinations that topped the charts in six Indian cities:


Most unconventional Idlis ordered


Chicken Fry Idli


Idli Manchurian


Chocolate Idli


Mushroom Fry idli


Finger Fried Idli


French Fry Idli

The orders were analysed for a period of the last 6 months. And, for the last three years, March 30 has been celebrated as World Idli Day. It’s said to be the brainchild of Eniyavan, a popular idli-only caterer from Chennai. To seal the deal and declare the day, a top bureaucrat in Chennai cut a giant 44-kilogram idli. The delicious steamed rice cake is often eaten for breakfast along with piping hot sambhar and a variety of tasty chutneys. #WorldIdliDay has been one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter on the day for the last three years.

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