"You can do a lot with the presentation but you can't go wrong with the food"

What are the factors you keep in mind while reviewing a restaurant?

For me first thing is always food and then the experience. Being a food reviewer I always see how is the food, flavor and taste. I see if the basics are correct or not. You can do a lot with the presentation but you can’t go wrong with the food. So, that is the first criteria I look for when I go for reviewing any restaurant.

We have talked a lot about advantages and disadvantages of influencer marketing. What do you think an influencer should keep in mind or should be conscious about before promoting any restaurant?

Any influencer on social media should be conscious about promoting the content. It should be right content to the right audience. If I am food blogger and I go to a restaurant which has a loud music and doing good, I might not like it. So, I need to see my content and what my followers are looking from me. I can only promote food and not the music and ambience. I need to take care of the content marketing strategy.

What marketing strategies should one incorporate as a restaurateur?

There are various platforms like social media, print and online publications, and radio campaigns. One should promote its brand according to the product reach and target audience.

What is your one of the favorite culinary books?

I don’t have a specific book in my mind. I love reading books and I am writing it myself. I love books which are about heirloom recipes, which has a story, nostalgia, history and authenticity. I go for authenticity and the regional stories. So many ladies of this country want to tell their story and every food and cuisine has those stories.


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