Zomato reveals Zomato order- an app for food delivery services
Zomato reveals Zomato order- an app for food delivery services

Zomato, the restaurant search engine, which has entered into the food delivery space in April, has launched Zomato Order, a separate app from where customers can order food.

Always focused on condensing tons of information into a ridiculously easy-to-use app, Zomato Order is being touted as second big app after Zomato Cashless.  The company says, Somewhere along the process of testing and rebuilding, and the hundreds of feedback emails we received, we realized we had to make a decision we were trying to put off for as long as possible – unbundling our apps. And Zomato points at three major reasons for this app.

More focus = less clutter = better UX

  • ​Having two separate apps allows Zomato to build lightweight apps that get straight to solving the problems customers face.
  • Actions that are core to the app experience can be given priority of position, and Zomato isn’t forced into making real estate compromises. For example, tracking your Order Status in the Zomato restaurant finder app requires a few taps; on the Order app, it gets its own tab. This might be the first time Zomato will be happier with shorter app session times :)

Independent release cycles = fewer updates

  • While they might be part of one complete dining flow, using Zomato to search for a place to eat, and using Zomato to order online are two independent use cases for our users.
  • Baking the ordering feature into the restaurant finder app might seem like the convenient thing to do, but that means having to coincide release cycles for two effectively different products in one. Unbundling them allows us to devote attention to both apps independently, iterate quickly, and push updates for either one as required.

Deep-linking = smoother app experience

  • As is the case with most unbundled apps that come to mind, the Zomato restaurant finder app and Zomato Order will be linked to one another. So if you’ve found a place you want to order from on the restaurant finder app, a single tap will take you to that restaurant on the Order app, and you can proceed to add items to your cart.
  • Once done, a single tap will take you back to the restaurant finder app, so you can decide what to do for your next meal (obviously).

In short, the long-term benefit of unbundling Zomato apps seems to outweigh the short-term downside, and aiming to make the process of using Zomato – whether it’s for search and discovery, or for ordering online – a simpler and smoother process for everyone, Zomato is really the market leader.

Zomato Order is now available for download on the App Store and the Play Store.

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