Abhishek Kaith Joins The Orchid Hotel as New F&B Manager
Abhishek Kaith Joins The Orchid Hotel as New F&B Manager

Embracing the serene landscapes of Shimla, The Orchid Hotel proudly introduces Abhishek Kaith as its dynamic new Food and Beverage (F&B) Manager. With over 12 years of experience in the hospitality sector, Abhishek's journey began at Hyatt Hotels, where he honed his skills for nearly a decade. Now entrusted with overseeing F&B operations and local sales and marketing at Royal Orchid Hotels, nestled in the picturesque retreat of Shimla, Abhishek brings an unparalleled passion and innovative spirit to enhance the dining experience at The Orchid Hotel. His fervent dedication to hospitality drives his ambition to collaborate with esteemed brands and expand his expertise, promising a future illuminated with excellence and creativity.

Abhishek Kaith joins The Orchid Hotel with invaluable expertise and a commitment to excellence, aiming to redefine the dining experience for guests. With a focus on personalized service and creating lasting memories, Abhishek envisions infusing warmth and hospitality into every aspect of The Orchid Hotel's F&B outlets. "I am thrilled to be part of The Orchid Hotel family and to continue its legacy of hospitality," expresses Abhishek Kaith. His goal is to curate an unforgettable dining ambiance by incorporating personal touches and fostering a welcoming environment.

The Orchid Hotel offers guests a distinctive dining journey that stands out in the industry. With a mesmerizing city view and personalized service, ‘Cafe Vindhyas’ provides a unique experience. Meanwhile, ‘House of Glass’ presents an exclusive evening under the stars, featuring authentic oriental cuisine crafted by a dedicated team. Beyond his professional endeavors, Abhishek maintains balance by staying active at the gym and cherishing family moments, reflecting his dedication to personal and professional growth.

Highlighting Himachali cuisine, The Orchid Hotel showcases specialties like ‘Chana ka Madra’ and ‘Siddu’ at ‘Cafe Vindhyas’, offering an authentic taste of the region. Abhishek recommends signature delicacies such as ‘Butterly Dal Makhani’, ‘Chicken Chaska’, ‘Grilled River Trout’, ‘Sushi Platter’, and ‘Khajoor Badam Ka Halwa’, epitomizing the culinary mastery and diverse flavors offered at the hotel.

Guided by principles of hard work, empathy, and humility, Abhishek acknowledges the pivotal role of mentorship in his journey. As he assumes his role as F&B Manager at The Orchid Hotel Shimla, the hotel remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering unparalleled hospitality and unforgettable dining experiences for guests and locals alike.

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