Baliboo Unveils in Goregaon, Mumbai
Baliboo Unveils in Goregaon, Mumbai

Goregaon has recently introduced a new addition to its dining scene, Baliboo.

Divya Kadam and Kedar Shetty are the key figures behind Baliboo, each notable in their own ways.

Divya Kadam is driven by passion and creativity, deeply values hospitality, which reflects in every aspect of Baliboo.

Meanwhile, Kedar Shetty from Blabber brings his expertise, fitting well with Divya's vision.

"We aimed to craft an environment that immerses patrons in a peaceful ambiance, evoking the lush beauty of the tropics. Through a thoughtfully curated palette and captivating design elements, we've orchestrated an inviting space that perfectly complements Baliboo's diverse culinary offerings." said Divya Kadam, Co-owner of Baliboo.

The menu offers a mix of dishes that blend Asian, Continental, and Indian flavors to suit everyone's taste.

From Mockduck Al Pastor Tacos to start, where chipotle adobo-infused Mockduck meets salsa roja and guacamole for a unique taco experience. For a blend of East and West flavors, the Hoisin Chicken Bao and many more.

For dessert, there are options like Tiramisu and Matilda Chocolate Cake, along with treats like Tres Leches.

"Our dishes are meticulously crafted to bridge cultures, igniting a sense of adventure and fostering connections. Paired with our thoughtfully curated beverages, every sip and bite at Baliboo promises an extraordinary expedition through a myriad of flavours, inviting you to embark on an unforgettable sensory journey." said Kedar Shetty, Co-founder of Baliboo.

The drinks option includes cocktails like the mysterious Scarlet, Rosetta, and the tropical Pomme Melange, in classic cocktails, they have Whisky Sour, Negroni, and Daiquiri. Non-alcoholic options include the Snow Berry, Cinematic Break, and Rouge Frappe.

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