Coca-Cola to introduce Soft Drinks Blended With Fruit Juice
Coca-Cola to introduce Soft Drinks Blended With Fruit Juice

Soft drink maker Coca-Cola is set to introduce its core aerated soft drink brands Sprite, Limca and Fanta with fruit juice this summer.

In last three years since PM Modi first urged cola companies to blend aerated drinks with 5% juice from fruits produced by farmers Coca Cola is experimenting on fruit based drinks.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson said, “Under our virtuous fruit circular economy initiative, we propose to use Indian fruit products in as many beverages as possible; adding juice to our carbonated flavour products is one of those options. As we go forward, we will continue to explore with other carbonated flavour brands.”

An official directly aware of the developments said, “Coca-Cola’s global leadership team including Asia Pacific group president John Murphy, who was in Kolkata last weekend, reviewed the upcoming launches for India — the beverage giant’s sixth biggest market globally.”

He added, “The products have already been developed. Fruit juices are being added across Coca-Cola’s non-cola aerated drinks portfolio; these will be irrespective of tax incentives by the government for fruit-based aerated drinks. He added that besides broadbasing its beverage portfolio, the company is hopeful that addition of fruit juice could bring back consumers who have turned away from sugary aerated drinks.”

A Coca-Cola spokesperson also said that the company’s existing products will be available alongside the fruit based drinks.

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