Cricketer Varun Aaron, His Sister Rhea Aaron Opens Klaa Kitchen in Bengaluru
Cricketer Varun Aaron, His Sister Rhea Aaron Opens Klaa Kitchen in Bengaluru

Klaa Kitchen, a Goan soul food through the lens of the Aaron household, has evolved into a cornerstone of flavors and community in Bangalore. 

What began as a reflection of Chef Rhea Aaron's passion to refine food experiences has transformed itself into a story rooted in stories of Goa, her family and a culinary history that dates back generations, brought into today through the careful hand of Chef Rhea.

Klaa Kitchen's journey commenced with its first pop-up in ECR Kovalam, led by Rhea Aaron with significant support from "Anna," her brother Varun Aaron, who assumed the role of sous chef. This event, nestled in a tiny fishermen’s village just outside Chennai provided the spark for what eventually became Klaa Kitchen. With the diners being enthralled by the Chef Rhea’s rich flavours and ability to dole out inventive yet comfortable plates, it started a series of such pop ups across the country which allowed for a sharpening of the story.

From there Chef Rhea traveled from Hyderabad at Glass Onion to Mysore with Sapa Bakery and Pondicherry with Bread and Chocolate. While the formats differed, it was the blending of her Goan heritage with her contemporary cooking style and ability to engage with audiences at a nearly familial level, was what created the building blocks for Klaa Kitchen. 

Along with these pop ups, Chef Rhea has continued to build a strong presence amongst the curious diners of the city of Bangalore with her pop ups, delivery menus and private catering which led to a strong customer base who were clamoring for her to open a space which they could visit whenever they wanted to. 

From there arose the idea of creating a space that was wholly a Klaa experience, derived from the many pop ups that defined the evolution of her cooking and the love received from the diners of the city.

Klaa Kitchen is today, a coming together of Chef Rhea Aaron’s vision for Goan food along with her brother Varun Aaron’s memories of growing up across the country but never forgetting the roots of their culinary destiny, along with restaurateur Bikash Parik who has been instrumental in bringing the entire concept together. 

Along with Rhea and her approach to creating a transformative Goan experience on the plate is her partner, Bikash Parik. He has been instrumental in creating one of the most iconic dining brands in the city with Green Theory and through his creative agency Little Green Studio, has shapend many brands narratives in the city and across the country.

Varun Aaron, Rhea’s brother and a huge inspiration behind the storytelling of the brand is a cricketer and has represented the Indian Cricket Team at the highest level. Amongst his many passions and endeavors currently, being the creative force along with Rhea for the brand and to tell the story of their family is a key driver of his every day.

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