Daryaganj enters into delivery segment, launches '5 Senses Delivery Box by Daryaganj'
Daryaganj enters into delivery segment, launches '5 Senses Delivery Box by Daryaganj'

Food industry has undergone lot of changes and transformations in last couple of months and one such change is surely the way we look at delivery of Food.

Breaking the monotony Raghav Jaggi and Amit bagga, Co-founders of Daryaganj have launched a new concept for food delivery called ‘FIVE SENSES DELIVERY BY DARYGANJ’.

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Daryaganj brand was envisioned on the philosophy of evoking the 5 senses while dining and has humbly succeeded as well.

“It all started with thought process when we realized that guests feel that they don’t get the same experience when they get food delivered compared to dining in at their favorite restaurants. We deeply evaluated the same and came to the conclusion that the real reason is that food delivery doesn’t touch all their 5 senses, and we began working on concept which can touch all the 5 senses,” said Bagga, Co-founder Daryaganj.

After an extensive amount of R&D, Daryaganj succeeded in evoking the 5 senses at home in the following way.

Touch - The best quality packaging for the guests to touch and feel was identified and developed. Also, the best efforts were put in to ensure the right texture of the food for the guests.

Smell – The Daryaganj signature fragrance, which was developed for dine-in, has also been incorporated in a welcome note, which transports you straight to the restaurant. The food gives out the true aroma of classic North Indian cuisine.

Taste - The authentic, robust flavours of nostalgia come out through the timeless recipes. The food is being cooked with the purest of ingredients.

Hear – A curated signature playlist of carefully chosen tracks, which are a fusion of contemporary and retro music, is played in the restaurants, the guests can now be experienced in delivery as well by scanning a QR code given inside the packaging.           

See –The colors of the dishes are as fresh as the ingredients used in them. The guests can now experience the brand story by scanning a QR code given inside the packaging.

“My Grandfather Kundan Lal Jaggi innovated north Indian tandoori cuisine. He was the inventor of Butter Chicken & Dal Makhani, following his principles we have innovated to create the 5 senses delivery,” added Jaggi, Co-founder, Daryaganj.

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Guests can use the delivery box to store items like books, stationery, photo albums etc. The eco-friendly glass jars can be reused as spice and pickle jars, for making mini candles or growing plants at home. The food containers can be reused in a variety of ways, from storing jewellery to storing cooked food or raw vegetables.

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