Discover Luxury Dining in the Wild at Amazonia
Discover Luxury Dining in the Wild at Amazonia


Amazonia elevates dining to an art form with a range of delectable global cuisines and refined sensibilities, available all day.


“Inspired by my travels to the Amazon, a magical and mystical vast land full of frondescence, water bodies, and vivid, exotic species, Amazonia brings the spirit of carnival into the world of luxury dining and stimulating entertainment. The focus was on recreating the expanse in design by contrasting it with surprising little exotic elements, open to be found by anyone actually looking for them “, said Prasuk Jain, Owner of Amazonia.


The menu is divided into Japanese, Korean, Thai and Italian including salads, grills, sushi, bites, fish and meat, and encourages experimentation and sharing  satiating the pickiest of appetites.


The culinary highlights include Grilled Polenta & Cottage Cheese, Amazonia Chicken Chili Oil Dumplings, Kimchi Yakisoba, Kyui Wakame No Amazu-Ae, Amazonia Matcha Crème Brulee.


The drinks menu brings unique flavour combinations with focus on cocktails and mocktails with fun fusions like Mexican Little Pamlo, Brazilian Samba, Cuban Pain Curer, Amazonia Siesta and more.


Amazonia has everything from service to setting, menu to entertainment, adds to the exotic contemporary ambiance and enhances the BKC Foodie Scene"

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