Fudr Announces Strategic Partnership with Barista for F&B SaaS Expansion
Fudr Announces Strategic Partnership with Barista for F&B SaaS Expansion

Fudr, the F&B SaaS platform has unveiled a strategic partnership with Barista.

Under this collaboration, Barista is set to introduce a rewards-based food ordering and payment app in the third quarter of 2023.

Fudr has also inked a deal with Massive Restaurants, owned by Zorawar Kalra, which oversees more than 20 well-known brands such as Farzi Cafe, Pa Pa Ya, and Louis Burger, to create a comprehensive super app for all their F&B ventures.

Furthermore, Hyderabad-based Ohris, a renowned F&B chain, has joined forces to launch an app designed for self-pickup, ordering, and loyalty programs tailored to their specialty coffee brand, Qaffiene.

“I am happy to share that we have signed up a mandate with Fudr for developing our loyalty app considering the proactive approach of the team and detailed insights provided during the shortlisting process. We are excited to launch our loyalty app soon with the Fudr team and I am sure this will enable more seamless interactions with our guests and create a more rewarding environment for them as they engage with us across multiple stores.” said Rajat Agrawal, CEO, Barista Coffee.

Fudr, established by a team of technology and marketing experts including Aayush Khandpur, Prem Lokesh, Shobhit Marwah, and Akshat Khandpur, specializes in assisting F&B brands in India in constructing their app ecosystems.

They achieve this through their SaaS-based application builder stack, which seamlessly integrates with point-of-sale (POS) and payment systems.

 “Fudr is not merely an app but an investment in the future of restaurant chains. In this AI-driven era, we believe technologies should focus on direct connection with their customers, rather than going through aggregators. That's why we're creating a Unified Restaurant Interface (URI). It's a hub for all customer interactions and acts as a flywheel, using past data to continually refine and personalise experiences. With our strategic partnership with Barista, we aim to elevate the brand presence and cultivate meaningful connections along with maximising customer satisfaction & loyalty.” said Aayush Khandpur, Co-founder & CEO, Fudr.

Through these partnerships, Fudr aims to establish a robust digital infrastructure tailored for medium and large restaurant brands. Their goal is to assist these brands in implementing advanced technological solutions to launch their own apps, enhancing customer engagement and retention, all while reducing their reliance on the dominant duopoly of food aggregator apps.

Fudr has seen consistent growth in the past year with serving more than 20 restaurant chains across India. Their  plan is to onboard an additional 150 restaurant brands within the next 18 to 24 months.

Fudr intends to expand globally by entering key markets such as South East Asia and the MENA regions, while also diversifying its platform offerings into other rapidly growing sectors like direct-to-consumer (D2C), salons, and wellness within India.

As per industry insights, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market in India is on an impressive growth trajectory, with projections indicating that it will surge to an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $50 billion by 2030.

This would represent nearly a fourfold increase from its current size. The SaaS ecosystem in India is undeniably evolving and maturing, even in the present market conditions.

This growth offers FUDR a substantial market to capitalize on and develop its presence.

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