Gauri Khan Joins Forces with Grandmama's Cafe Founders for Stunning Redesign
Gauri Khan Joins Forces with Grandmama's Cafe Founders for Stunning Redesign

Gauri Khan combined her skills with the vision of Co-founders Abhayraj & Simar Kohli to reimagine the Grandmama's cafe style.

“I believe in creating spaces that resonate with warmth and timeless elegance. Designing Grandmama's Cafe was a journey of weaving cherished memories into every corner, crafting an environment where nostalgia meets contemporary comfort. It was about creating a space where memories can naturally happen”. said Gauri Khan.  

Gauri Khan Designs has harmonized tradition and modern elements, creating an enchanting atmosphere. This blend ensures a timeless ambiance akin to its delectable culinary offerings.

“We envisioned a living room, a charming escape into nostalgia. Collaborating with Gauri Khan has breathed life into this vision, and we eagerly anticipate our patrons stepping into this enchanting ambience, we want to see them just as charmed and soak in the brilliance” said Simar Kohli.

The collaboration between Gauri Khan and Grandmama’s Cafe was innovatively envisioned and brought to life by Bottomline Media, led by Tanaaz Bhatia.

This agency specializes in forging strategic partnerships between celebrities and brands, crafting unique intellectual properties (IPs), and developing campaigns.

Bottomline Media focuses on luxury hospitality, film marketing, digital strategy, managing celebrities, and facilitating collaborations and promotions with international artists.

For quite some time, Grandmama's has been a haven of comfort, and now, through Gauri Khan's transformation, it adopts a fresh identity that seamlessly merging the past with futuristic elements.

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