Greater Than Gin Launches 'Punk' Limited Edition
Greater Than Gin Launches 'Punk' Limited Edition

Nao Spirits, the creators behind Greater Than and Hapusa Gin, are progressing toward their objective of introducing a fresh limited-edition gin every year.

Each gin has a unique flavor profile, a compelling storyline, and utilizes the freshest ingredients, aligning perfectly with their vision.

The brand remains committed to their craft, eschewing artificial colorings, flavors, and sweeteners. Instead, they opt for the freshest strawberries sourced from Mahabaleshwar.

“Pink Gins are all the rage, but most pink gins have artificial flavouring, colour and lots of sugar, bearing little semblance to a real gin. As the pioneering craft gin brand in India, we use every opportunity to guide the category forward and set the right example for what it means to be ‘craft’. That is exactly what we did with Punk Gin – stuck to our principles in a fast-growing and competitive landscape by using fresh ingredients and taking Pink Gin back to its origins and showcasing what it was really intended to be.” said Anand Virmani, Nao Spirits, Co-founder and CEO.

For optimal enjoyment, pair Punk Gin with tonic water and garnish with a slice of fresh strawberry, along with a basil leaf or sprig of rosemary. Due to its natural ingredients, refrigeration is necessary to maintain its freshness over time.

This gin will be launched annually during Mahabaleshwar's strawberry season, spanning from December to March.

Punk Gin is currently accessible in Goa and Karnataka, with plans for its imminent availability in Haryana.

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