Health food tech start-up Ripsey has big plans for Mumbaikars
Health food tech start-up Ripsey has big plans for Mumbaikars

Significant numbers of people are looking for ways to get healthy and most of them do it by working out. Ripsey is a full-stack solution for those who are looking to eat healthy.

Silky Singh, CEO & CTO, Ripsey, said, “We have interacted with more than 2,000 consumers, who had lots to say about being healthy. Most of them don’t know how to go about it, a good number of people have issues sticking with a diet that’s part of their work-out regime as the food can get boring. Bunch of them are limited by skills to cook the right food, and it almost always lacks variety. And there is a notion that healthy food is bland as it’s mostly soups and salads. We found our product fit right there and Ripsey is born.”

“We think of food as a preventive measure to illness. It helps build immunity. We believe in doing everything in-house, so we have control over the food and we can promise quality, hygiene and safety,” she added.

Ripsey was founded with an aim to be a deep-tech platform with Health Food as A Service.

Singh further stated, “The biggest challenge that I have faced when I was trying to get fit, was my inability to stick to a diet regime as it often gets boring, and most of the diet plans need supplementation via a range of multi-vitamins and protein powders. The idea of Ripsey was born out of the fact that food is our primary source of nutrients, and we should rely on food to achieve fitness. Most people have health goals that they want to achieve and Ripsey is their health goal partner. Ripsey is a character, your nutritionist, your chef, your motivator to be healthy.”

Ripsey offers health plans like Stay Fit, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss as well as Keto through short term subscription options for 5 days or 4 weeks, and provides a multi-cuisine menu.

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