Hops Haus Unveils a Unique Taproom Experience at Embassy One
Hops Haus Unveils a Unique Taproom Experience at Embassy One

Hops Haus, the Brewery and Kitchen, is excited to present its new Taproom concept at Embassy One, North Bangalore.

This innovative venue offers a unique fusion of a dynamic co-working space and a retreat for indulging in delicious food, refreshing craft beers, and a blend of formal and relaxed atmospheres.

It is carefully integrated into the co-working environment, the taproom visually complements the dynamic surroundings, fusing the essence of Hops Haus with the bustling professional hub.

"While Hops Haus at WeWork's Embassy One location caters to the co-working community, we wanted to create a space that transcends traditional boundaries and welcomes guests from outside as well," says Karan Virwani, Managing Director, Embassy Leisure.

The atmosphere nurtures a sense of being away from the regular office setting, attracting both co-working professionals and external visitors to unwind and savor delightful drinks and meals.

Hops Haus caters to the refined preferences of its patrons by offering a diverse array of choices.

For health-conscious individuals, there is an exquisite salad bar, while the working community can enjoy specially curated food bowl options.

Those seeking indulgence can relish pizzas and desserts. Hops Haus presents an impressive collection of draught beers on tap.

Additionally, their crafted cocktail menu adds an extra layer of pleasure to the overall dining experience.



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