Indian Restaurant 'Madam G' Opens its Doors in Kolkata
Indian Restaurant 'Madam G' Opens its Doors in Kolkata

Madam G is a pioneering Indian restaurant unveils in Kolkata, West Bengal.

This culinary destination focuses on blending traditional and contemporary elements in its cuisine.

Restaurant unites culinary treasures from Coorg, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and various other states, honoring India's diverse heritage.

"Madam G ushers in a new era for the Progressive Indian dining movement. We have stayed true to the recipes which have been part of our heritage for several generations and we are thrilled to present them in a modern, minimalistic way. Today we       are at a point when diet restrictions have to be considered carefully. People are more aware and are increasingly looking for gluten-free, sugar-free and low-calorie options.” said Drishleen Sethi, Founder of Madam G.

The menu is curated by a multi-disciplinary artist and the head chef.

Menu ranges from dishes like Khakaras served as Bar Bites with homemade hummus variations and twists on traditional favorites like Gujrati Khaman and Savoury Ghewar with Burrata add an element of playfulness.

Moreover, Madam G's bar signature cocktails steeped in heritage, incorporating local elements such as homemade neem liquour and paan garnishes.

The restaurant's culinary journey continues with an array of dishes like Tuna Ceviche dressed in sol kadhi, Andhra Mango & Chilli Paniyaram, and the Smoked Nawabi Dahi Kebab from the Tandoor & Grills section.

For dessert enthusiasts, options like Malai Toast, Mille Feuille, and homemade ice creams like Kokum & Chilli, Besan with Crumble, and Coconut & Curry Leaf and many more.


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