Indo-China food meet focuses on strengthening food trade
Indo-China food meet focuses on strengthening food trade

India which is one of the largest producers of marines, dairy products and meats can explore export potential of food products to China, discussed experts in a conference held yesterday.

Speaking at the event, Tribhuvan Darbari, Director General of the Chindia Chamber of Commerce, opened the discussion with a macroeconomic overview of Indo-China relations.  He touched upon the recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to India, explained that relations between India and China, are gathering momentum across a variety of spheres, including economic development, urban co-operation, audiovisual co-production, drug standards, cultural co-operation and railways.

“F&B industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and supporting a platform such as SIAL China is a step in the logical direction for India and China,” said, Darbari.

India has expressed concerns over widening trade deficit with China and limited market access to its products due to a host of issues. The trade deficit was $36.21 billion in the last fiscal.

"There is a huge trade deficit with China and is becoming a major cause of concern. There are various historical and structural reasons for this," added Sanjeet Singh, Director, Commerce Ministry.

India which is one of the largest producers of dairy can look for opportunities in dairy products, buffalo meat as it has the largest numbers of buffalo in the world, marines, cereals and other fresh food and processed items to China.

The press conference was organized to promote SIAL China expo, one of the largest foods and beverages exhibition in which around 60 Indian firms are participating this year.

Yao Jing, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China said, “India and China have a long history of bi-lateral trade. I invite the two countries to “reopen the old Silk and Spice routes. This can be done with modern-day products such agricultural commodities and processed food.”

“China is not only a provider of manufactured goods but also a provider of goodwill. We invite Indian food processers and importers across the board to participate in SIAL China. Indian companies will be very competitive in the Chinese market and we would like to see them develop their presence in China,” added Jing.

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