Khemani Group Introduces Indian Spice Rum named Kamanda
Khemani Group Introduces Indian Spice Rum named Kamanda

The House of Khemani has introduce Kamanda Matured Indian Spice Rum, an addition to the world of spirits in the Indore and Bhopal region of Madhya Pradesh.

Rum is carefully crafted and infused with Ginseng and authentic Indian Spices, Kamanda offers a distinct and energizing experience for both rum connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

This infusion not only imparts a unique flavor profile but also delivers a revitalizing element, creating an extraordinary and unparalleled drinking journey.

This new spirit launch by the Khemani Group not only expands their product range in Madhya Pradesh but also demonstrates their dedication to acknowledging the state's refined palate and love for premium beverages.

"We are confident that consumers would appreciate the blend of tradition and vigor found in Kamanda Matured Indian Spice Rum. With the onset of the monsoons, it's the perfect season to serve our Kamanda Rum to the discerning consumers of Madhya Pradesh." said, Mr. Amit Khemani, Vice Chairman of the Khemani Group.

In the year 2000, The House of Khemani achieved a feat by acquiring BIL (Blossoms Industries Limited), a move that solidified its position as a prominent player in the brewing industry.

This was further strengthened by the company's subsequent collaboration with UBL (United Breweries Limited), a Heineken-owned entity, which further established its prominence in the market.

With BIL's brewing capacity now reaching an impressive 1 million cases per month, the company has become a formidable force in the brewing industry.

Kamanda Matured Indian Spice Rum is placed in the mass premium segment, ensuring accessibility to a broader range of consumers seeking a remarkable drinking experience at a reasonable cost.

This rum is destined to become the preferred option for discerning individuals who value premium spirits.

It is competitively priced at Rs. 615 for 750ml, Rs. 310 for 375ml and Rs. 150 for 180ml, and Rs. 75 for 90ml.

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