LTC Hospitality Unveils the Robot Restaurant Yellow House in Lucknow
LTC Hospitality Unveils the Robot Restaurant Yellow House in Lucknow

The Robot Restaurant Yellow House takes a pioneering role in the culinary scene, skillfully merging innovation, heritage, and flavor to craft an unmatched dining venture.


Originating in Jaipur, the establishment now ventures into Lucknow, launching a new branch that serves as its initial step into the city's non-vegetarian food domain.


This move brings an exquisite blend of international flavours infused with authentic Indian twists.


Restaurant is supported by LA Delight Hospitality Private Limited, the restaurant franchise is poised to enhance the city's culinary landscape to unprecedented levels.


“The restaurant proudly presents, ROBOT RUBY and ROBOT DIVA, the robotic servers that meticulously deliver each dish to patrons' tables. This high-tech addition underscores the establishment's commitment to delivering an impeccable dining experience”, said, Aniket Shrivastava, Director of LA Delight Hospitality PVT LTD.


A selection of offerings from the extensive menu comprises dishes like Mutton Korma, Handi Chicken, and Dal Bukhara, along with international treats like Sushi, Bao, and an array of Dimsums.


The beverage selection, featuring creations like Foxy and Chamatkar, underscores their dedication to revolutionizing the dining encounter by means of rich flavors, culinary excellence, and memorable moments that linger in memory.


“The Robot Restaurant Yellow House upholds its commitment to excellence through competitive pricing, the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients, impeccable service, and adherence to stringent health protocols. The restaurant embodies the essence of Lucknow's hospitality and tourism industry, inviting patrons to embark on a gastronomic journey that marries tradition and innovation.” said,  Harshit Surana, Founder and Director of LTC Hospitality Private Limited.


The restaurant takes immense pride in delivering a taste experience while adhering rigorously to stringent hygiene standards. Each dish is untouched by human hands, is elegantly presented by the enchanting robotic servers, ROBO RUBY and DIVA.


These robotic servers are powered by artificial intelligence, seamlessly integrating data from each table into their seamless operations.


The restaurant is fully equipped to accommodate special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, corporate gatherings, and social gatherings, even providing decoration services to elevate these occasions.


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