Matcha Based Cloud Kitchen Opens in Mumbai
Matcha Based Cloud Kitchen Opens in Mumbai

Matcha based cloud kitchen opens in the neighborhood of Bandra, Mumbai.


This new venture follows the triumph of their initial project, Ritual Daily Coffee, and is notable for being exclusively centered around the ingredient of Matcha.


It marks the first instance where this delivery brand has chosen to focus entirely on a single ingredient for its menu.


Over time, it has transformed into an irresistible connection with drinks infused with matcha, drawing inspiration from Japanese influences. The delivery kitchen has been introduced on the Swiggy platform.


The core essence of Tokyo Matcha Bar revolves around delivering matcha products of the utmost quality.


Meher Kohli and Rahul Ramnani, a dynamic duo, have taken the initiative to directly import ceremonial grade matcha from Tokyo, renowned for its unmatched superiority.


This meticulous approach guarantees customers an authentic and memorable matcha encounter, a sentiment that becomes particularly pronounced with the impending rainy season.


Tokyo Matcha Bar's menu presents an array of teas and lattes infused with matcha including Matcha Vanilla Bean Latte, Matcha Honey Latte, Matcha Milk Tea, and Himalayan Pink Salt Matcha. For those in pursuit of chilled delights, the selection of Frappes encompasses Matcha Frappuccino, Sea Salt Matcha Frappuccino, and Salted Caramel Matcha Frappuccino.


They also accommodate individuals seeking refreshing beverages by offering choices like Valencia Orange Matcha, Tropical Matcha, Wild Berry Matcha Iced Tea, and Fresh Lime Matcha.


Furthermore, those who appreciate coffee can indulge in timeless favorites such as Tokyo's Americano, Tokyo's Cappuccino, and Tokyo's Latte.


Matcha is renowned for its multitude of health advantages, and Tokyo Matcha Bar guarantees the preservation of these benefits in every item they offer.


By utilizing ceremonial grade Matcha, the brand crafts a daily practice that promotes holistic health while maintaining an uncompromised flavor experience.


Tokyo Matcha Bar is creating a genuine source of joy for aficionados of matcha and enthusiasts of fine teas throughout India.



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