Mizu Izakaya Teams Up with Cobbler and Crew for Cocktail Collab
Mizu Izakaya Teams Up with Cobbler and Crew for Cocktail Collab

Mizu Izakaya, a prominent name in the hospitality sector, is set to collaborate with Cobbler and Crew. The event, scheduled for May 29th, will feature a unique partnership between Mizu Izakaya’s Head Mixologist, Avantika Malik, and Cobbler and Crew's talented mixologist, Aashie Bhatnagar, winner of the '2023 People's Choice Award'. Together, they aim to craft exquisite cocktails, blending their expertise to provide guests with a memorable drinking experience.


Founder and Director Vedant Malik and Head Chef and Co-founder Chef Lakhan Jethani of Mizu Izakaya expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration. "Teaming up with Cobbler and Crew is an exhilarating adventure for us at Mizu. With Aashie joining Avantika in Mumbai, this collaboration is about pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences together," said Malik. 

Avantika Malik, Head Mixologist of Mizu Izakaya, echoed the excitement. "Collaborating with Aashie from Cobbler and Crew is an exciting opportunity for me. We are set to blend our expertise and passion to create something truly extraordinary for our guests," she added.

This partnership between two top mixologists promises to bring innovative and delightful cocktail creations to the guests, making it an event not to be missed.

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