Ophelia at The Ashok Hotel Delhi Reopens with a Fresh Experience and Aesthetic
Ophelia at The Ashok Hotel Delhi Reopens with a Fresh Experience and Aesthetic

An evocative dining experience with ambient vibes, Ophelia-Delhi’s one of the favorite bar has been revamped and relaunched to transport guests to the serene wildness of Africa and provide an immersive experience of the lush green forests and safari.

Tucked away in a cozy corner of The Ashok hotel in Central Delhi, it is operated by Akshay Anand and Ashish Begwani.

Ophelia was started back in 2019, by giving a new meaning to old-school glamor and a grandeur dining experience.

A pulsating high-energy place, the fine-dining bar now stands more inviting than ever, draped in warm, earthy tones and plush jungle-inspired accents spread throughout the serene rustic decor, a stark contrast to its previous floral and cool aesthetic.

Offering a lusciously tempting getaway from the bustle of the city, Ophelia’s unmatchable venue, outdoor seating, and exclusively diverse dining menu, coupled with its well-stocked eclectic drinks and cocktails make for a sensorial experience that elevates the everyday dining experience.

The restaurant caters to global cuisine serving the best of continental foods with a touch of modern sensibilities. Seasonal produce, contemporary techniques, and innovative pairings, while playing with traditional favourites, set the new Ophelia kitchen apart.

For all food connoisseurs who love a good wine-and-dine spot, Ophelia offers the ultimate blissful escapade- a slice of rustic amber-lit paradise in the heart of the capital.

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