Pan-Asian Restaurant Po opens in Delhi
Pan-Asian Restaurant Po opens in Delhi

Po is born from the prestigious Raasta establishment and the renowned Himalayan culinary icon Yeti.

Po is located at Connaught Place, New Delhi and is poised to redefine the Pan Asian dining experience.

This expansion is inspired by the idea of creating an Asian counterpart to Yeti, akin to the dynamic characters in the Kung Fu Panda universe.

Much like Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen, extended its culinary family, Po was conceived as a relative in the culinary world, introducing the diverse flavors of Pan Asia.

"Po is a culinary revelation that celebrates the diverse and exquisite flavors of Pan Asia. It's a testament to our commitment to crafting innovative, unforgettable dining experiences. Much like our beloved Yeti, which has become a part of many hearts, Po is like an addition to our family of culinary delights. It brings the rich and diverse flavors of Pan Asia to the vibrant and accepting market of Connaught Place. We cordially invite you to join us on this exhilarating culinary journey and experience the enchantment of Po." said, Mr. Joy Singh, Partner at Raasta and Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen.

Po offers a diverse menu that draws inspiration from the rich flavors of Pan Asia, presenting a selection of dishes.

The menu ranges from Soups to Ramens, fresh and lively Salads, Dim Sums, Sushi, authentic Korean Gimbap, and a variety of Asian Rice and Noodle dishes.

The beverage menu, features non-alcoholic cocktails like the "White Thai Curry" and "Po's Vietnamese Pho," along with a variety of coffee and shakes.

The dessert choices, including Mochi Ice Cream, Date Pancakes, Darsaan with Ice Cream, and more.






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