South Stories Opens as the Thane Club's 4th In-house Restaurant
South Stories Opens as the Thane Club's 4th In-house Restaurant

For South Indian cuisine lovers, there’s nothing that a slice of Idli can’t solve. Who doesn’t love a plateful of coconutty Avial or the slight undertone of sweet tamarind chutney in piping hot sambhar? If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve missed out on your divine calling. For all the food enthusiasts and new bees to the world of dosas and uthappams, The Thane Club is introducing South Stories, a South Indian restaurant brand that’ll bring a taste of southern India to your taste buds in Mumbai.

The restaurant's interior, designed by Ankita Sharma from Design Alma, has been meticulously crafted to give patrons the authentic vibe of South India. With its blend of minimalistic and sleek furnishings, vibrant colors, and carefully chosen decor elements, it creates a unique and inviting ambiance. 

South Stories offers a traditional South Indian menu with a twist, including fusion styles like Open Pizza Dosa, Peri Peri Paneer Dosa, and more. In multicultural Mumbai, the restaurant welcomes everyone. They also serve traditional dishes like Bangalore Style Ghee Podi Roast and Hyderabadi Upma Dosa, along with a range of South Indian delicacies. 

"South Stories is a modern, quirky South Indian brand with broad appeal and scalability. We put a unique twist on traditional flavors while preserving authenticity, changing perceptions of South Indian food. Just as North Indian cuisine is popular abroad, we envision South Stories gaining similar popularity." - Chef Rahul, Head Chef of South Stories.

From the menu to the retail design, South Stories is a celebration of South India's beauty, both visually and in its delicious tricolor chutneys mixed with rice balls. 

"A cherished culinary haven for my loved ones eagerly envisioned for Thane. Combining the timeless essence of dosas and idlis with a delightful fusion twist, South Stories embodies a feminine touch in both its brand and interior design, gracefully reflecting the contemporary tapestry of South India. Our ambitious plan includes the establishment of multiple citywide branches in the near future. Offering an unparalleled casual dining and delivery experience, we aim to delight consumers with the distinctive flavors of South India.", Niketa Sharma, CEO SP Motels. 

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