Swiggy Introduces 'Explore' Feature for Enhanced Food Discovery
Swiggy Introduces 'Explore' Feature for Enhanced Food Discovery

Swiggy, the on-demand convenience platform, has launched 'Explore' to revolutionize food discovery for users. Addressing the common challenge of repetitive orders, this feature allows users to broaden their culinary horizons effortlessly.

'Explore' offers personalized suggestions, recommending new restaurants, cuisines, and dishes based on users' preferences. Backed by reasons and social proof, each recommendation encourages users to try something different. It also highlights award-winning and trending dishes, helping users uncover hidden culinary gems.

Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Swiggy's Food Marketplace, explained, “Swiggy has thousands of unique dishes on the platform, yet most users typically repeat the same 8-10 dishes. The Explore feature introduces personalized options to users, offering a chance to discover a new dish, a new restaurant, or even a trending dish they may not have tasted before."

Besides benefiting users, 'Explore' provides an opportunity for restaurants to showcase their offerings and experiment with new dishes and cuisines. Sandhya Seshadri, owner of Choux Box Patisserie, expressed her satisfaction, “Swiggy is helping us reach more customers via their Explore feature.”

Accessible through Swiggy's food ordering page, 'Explore' enables users to explore a curated selection of legendary eateries, hidden gems, bestseller dishes, and favorite cuisines from new restaurants.

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