Chocolate dishes most ordered in last 6 months: Swiggy
Chocolate dishes are most preferred during 9 PM to 10 PM, however some Indians order for chocolate dishes as early as half past six in the morning.
Lindt Seeks More Chocolate Lovers In Emerging markets
The dip came despite Lindt’s new packaging and discounts over Christmas, and with the relaunch of a sugar-free chocolate line.
Premium Varieties To increase Chocolate Demand In India
For a long time premium segment was predominated by global brands including Lindt Ferrero Godiva Mars etc
Mondelez Partners with Amazon, Launches Virtual Chocolate & Sweet Store
This partnership is an exciting opportunity for the company to tap into the e-commerce market providing an additional channel for consumers.
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Ferrero fever rising high in India almost outruns Nestle in yearly revenue
Brands like Ferrero with no historic baggage has discovered and led the top down approach of premiumising through innovation versus old school…