Tansen by Ohri's Brings Mughal Cuisine to Modern Dining
Tansen by Ohri's Brings Mughal Cuisine to Modern Dining

The Ohri's Group, known for its five decades of culinary legacy, has announced the opening of Tansen, a restaurant that blends the grandeur of the Mughal era with the rich culinary traditions of the North-Western Frontier. This launch enhances the group's presence in India's retail and hospitality sectors.

Named after the legendary musician Tansen, whose innovative spirit left an indelible mark on Indian Classical Music, the restaurant aims to embody his legacy. "At Tansen, we immerse you in a world where the opulence of the Mughal era meets the rich culinary heritage of the North-Western Frontier," said Amar Ohri, Owner of Ohri’s Group. The restaurant offers a dining experience that combines tradition with contemporary dining, celebrating history, creativity, and gastronomy.

The ambiance at Tansen is designed to be both poetic and serene. Live Sufi singers provide a musical backdrop, while the decor, adorned with shades of gold, reflects the elegance of the Mughal courts. The environment aims to evoke the grace and charm of a bygone era, with a soothing rhythm provided by the gentle flow of water.

The menu at Tansen features a diverse array of dishes, including the Sundried Tomato and smoked cheese Kulcha and the robust Hyderabadi Marag, a spicy mutton soup infused with hazelnut and rose essence. Main course highlights include the Green Chicken Curry, with its blend of chili, coriander, and raw mango, and the historic Pathar-ka-Gosht, traditionally cooked on flat granite stones. Other notable dishes include the Edamame and Green Peas Kebab and the Pepper Fish, marinated with a peppery twist and served with applewood smoked pineapple chutney.

Anuj Wadhawan, Consultant Chef said, "Tansen takes immense pride in celebrating the diverse flavors and culinary heritage of the North Western Frontier, reimagining them with creativity and flair. Each dish we serve is a masterpiece, blending top-quality ingredients with spices that carry stories of the past and uphold tradition."

Tansen offers more than just food; it provides a refined and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for both romantic nights out and joyous gatherings. The restaurant guarantees an experience that seamlessly blends tradition and excellence, inviting guests to embark on a culinary journey that promises lasting memories.

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