How Tech Enabled-Integrations Are Transforming the Restaurant Space Today
How Tech Enabled-Integrations Are Transforming the Restaurant Space Today

To put it mildly, the restaurant industry has been through a remarkable transformation over the last decade. When you take a step back, you are amazed at the marked change in the way customers order food these days. It was not such a long time ago when a number of restaurants shied away from tech, and prioritised dine-in & takeaways over online ordering. Today, managing online & offline workflows seamlessly is at the forefront of operational objectives for restaurants in order for them to succeed.

The driving force behind this transformation has been the widespread acceptance of online delivery as the go-to method of ordering food from your favourite establishments. At the click of a button, consumers can now explore restaurants across the city and order their favourite dishes. As the adoption of food apps increased, orders began flowing into restaurants at all times of the day and business boomed.

Restauranteurs welcomed the increase in order volume expecting higher revenues and profits. However, this led to an increase in complexity that no one was really prepared for. Restaurants, who had traditionally built workflows around dine-in, now rapidly had to transform the way they worked to support online delivery. Chaos ensued as they had to balance serving dine-in customers, checking stock and updating menu items, packing for delivery, managing multiple online dashboards, and much much more!

To manage operations online, restaurant owners had to manage orders from food aggregators on different tablets leading to a term that became popular in the industry - ‘tablet chaos’! The need of the hour was an integration solution that enabled a restaurant to manage orders from all their channels on a single dashboard.

Restaurateurs were now faced with a choice. They had to either modernise their operations to meet the demands of this fast-paced environment, or run the risks of not adapting to the changes around them. When the pandemic struck, the choice was taken out of their hands to a large extend and they had to rely on a central canvas that connected their POS to online food delivery partners.

This central canvas enabled for multiple things - it allowed you to sync your existing POS with an integration partner and elevate it using features such as real-time menu updates, instant order relay with aggregators, stock management, and multi-store control. Instead of looking at multiple screens to understand what was happening in the business, it enabled all orders to flow into one dashboard, giving you a 360-degree view of your business. Since time is money in the online world, it was important to be powered by a tech partner that had a good track record with a high uptime percentage.

With a reliable tech partner, gone were the days of cancellations, and failed orders. Advanced analytics enabled restaurants to understand the way their customers behaved and to make changes quickly in order to ensure expectations were met. While a solid integration ensured that your operations were running smoothly, you could once again focus on attempting to delight your customers.

Tech companies that are at the forefront of innovation are now building unified architecture that can seamlessly integrate with the various tools a restaurant uses in order to drive efficiencies. Integrating online channles into the POS is just the start as restaurants are now looking to control their entire business on one device - from running marketing campaigns to target customers, managing suppliers, using advanced analytics, and tallying accounts.

Powerful integrations enabled simplicity into a world that was very complex, tough to manage, had a high chance of human error, and one that was definitely very time consuming. As we move towards automation in various facets of a restaurtant’s operations, there’s one thing we can be sure of, that there’s no going back to the old way of working and that technology is here to stay.

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