The Orchid Hotel Pune Appoints Priyanca Rao as New Head of HR and Training
The Orchid Hotel Pune Appoints Priyanca Rao as New Head of HR and Training

The Orchid Hotel Pune has introduced Priyanca Rao as the newly appointed Head of HR and Training.


She has an experience in talent management and a strong commitment to nurturing a harmonious work environment, Priyanca is well-positioned to bring about a substantial transformation in the hotel's staff and drive the company's overall progress.


Priyanca Rao comes with an extensive background in HR, showcasing her expertise in critical domains such as talent acquisition, employee development and training, employee engagement and motivation, and diversity and inclusion efforts.


Her diverse skill set perfectly aligns with The Orchid Hotel Pune's dedication to fostering a thriving workforce and upholding its distinguished reputation for delivering exceptional guest services.


In her new role as HR Manager, Priyanca's primary focus is to grasp the current HR landscape at the hotel, recognize prevailing obstacles, and introduce efficient solutions to tackle them.


Her strategy revolves around enhancing employee engagement and boosting morale, improving talent acquisition and retention, and creating a workplace where every employee feels appreciated and encouraged.


Priyanca is committed to crafting HR strategies that cater to the distinct requirements of the hospitality industry, acknowledging the 24/7 nature of hotel operations.


Her focus lies in prioritizing employee wellbeing, providing specialized training programs, and fostering a guest-centric service culture.


By tailoring HR approaches to suit The Orchid Hotel Pune's unique needs and meet the expectations of its workforce, Priyanca aims to establish a flourishing work environment that boosts employee satisfaction and ultimately enhances the quality of guest experiences.


"I believe that the success of any organization lies in its people, and my aim is to create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to deliver exceptional service to our guests. I am excited to work with the dedicated team at The Orchid Hotel Pune and contribute to the continued success of this esteemed establishment." said, Priyanca Rao.


As Priyanca assumes her new position, her goal is to create a dynamic HR department that fully embraces the hotel's vision of delivering outstanding guest experiences.


By instilling a guest-centric mindset within the HR team and ensuring that HR practices align with the organization's objectives, she will be instrumental in upholding The Orchid Hotel Pune's esteemed reputation for excellence in the hospitality industry.



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